Members present: Chairman Stewart Hall (SH), Ed Hollinghurst (EH), Sue Allpress (SA), John Clarke (JC), John Sanger (JS), Pete Skinner (PS) and Julia Wilkie (JW - with apology for late arrival - 7.45pm).

Also present: Dot Wagg (clerk).

Members of Public: Don Finney (7.30 - 7.50pm) re Broadband progress.

1. Apologies for Absence:  received and approved for Cllr. Edward Heron.

2. Declarations of interest: JS for NPA Development Control Planning Committee (agenda item 6)

3. Minutes of previous meeting: It was unanimously RESOLVED that the minutes be accepted as an accurate record and were duly signed by the Chairman.

5. Public participation & 7. Broadband (agenda items brought forward by Chairman): Mr. Finney, who is a member of the Woodgreen Facebook group campaign for faster Broadband requested an update on the progress of faster Broadband for Woodgreen. He mentioned the difficulties he and others face when trying to work from home with current internet provision, especially when children are trying to access the internet for required homework tasks. Parishioners are frustrated at the delay in accessing Faster Broadband which is also causing concern when buying or selling a property in Woodgreen.

SH summarised the current position, emphasising the considerable work EH has undertaken in trying to meet all parties to try to resolve the problem surrounding the positioning of additional RDSLAM Cabinet 11. (See also previous minutes, found on PC website). The best site for optimum performance, range and effectiveness has been refused again by the Verderers, and EH then spoke about a recent meeting with Hampshire County Council proposing another site which will be the closest and best second option. Mr Finney was assured that Woodgreen Parish Council are doing everything possible to expedite this and was thanked for attending the meeting and left at 7.50pm.

SH will reply to Verderers on behalf of PC. An update on Broadband will be on the agenda for the Parish Assembly.

4. Matters arising from previous minutes: 

  • Parish Assembly - provisional date for 26th May 7.30pm will be confirmed (JW) and JS will speak on the subject of verges & proposals re verge damage. EH will give a Broadband update. SH & clerk will send invitations.
  • Seat damage on Woodgreen Common - PS has looked & reported that all the slats need replacing with hardwood, and possibly stainless steel bolts. This work will be prioritised.
  • Electric and telephone poles - as requested by clerk, some have been removed, but there are remaining sites to be de-cluttered - clerk to follow up.
  • Speedwatch (discussed at last meeting). Clerk received a telephone call from local resident, followed by email request, to reconsider this, expressing concern at the speed some motorists are entering and exiting Woodgreen along Breamore Lane. The Speedwatch proposal at Godshill and Breamore was still not felt to be appropriate for Woodgreen but the problem will be discussed with Hampshire C.C & Cllr. Heron.

6. Planning decisions: 14/00913/FULL Beck Cottage SP6 2AS & 15/00104/FULL White Cottage SP6

    2BD - both applications have been granted subject to conditions.

    Planning Applications: no applications received.

    Tree Application:  CONS/15/0316  Holly Cottage SP6 2AZ - it was RESOLVED to raise no objections

    provided the Tree Officer approves the planned pruning.

8. Lengthsman: Booked for Woodgreen on 10th April & joblist has been sent.

9. Halls Field: (JW declared an interest for this agenda item) The playgroup have requested an increase in the field space they use for their garden to incorporate a climbing aid and sandpit. The request has been refused as the farming tenant does not want to lose any further grazing land, having already given up space for the shop and current garden. He also moves livestock to increase parking for special events.

10. Correspondence:  (circulated prior to meeting to Councillors for individual or urgent response).

  • "adopt a kiosk" scheme - discuss next meeting
  • NFNPA re verge damage - JC & EH through their involvement with the Western Escarpment Conservation Panel, are suggesting a proposal to make much of the road from St. Boniface Church through to Hale Purlieu a single track with passing places every hundred yards. They would like the interested parties to carry out a study of the practicalities, and will liaise with Hale PC to see if they would like the Hale Purlieu road to be included.
  • Planning Framework training - JS commented that NFNPA will run similar training courses in the coming year.

11. Roads, hedges & verges:  

  • some potholes previously reported have been filled in, and reminder that anyone can report concerns to Hampshire Highways (Bob Brown) - by phone: 02380 663311 or email: or internet:
  • Sustrans cycle route Salisbury to Godshill - EH reported that the proposed routes are for recreation not for racing, and that Hampshire consultation will commence from 2nd June.

12. Cemetery Report:

  • Cemetery is looking very tidy, and proposed access track work will take place soon, weather allowing (EH following up)
  • New request for headstone has been followed up by clerk & family given plot numbers & rules regarding headstones.

13. Financial report: Income:  nil

Expenditure: cheques approved and signed for: Sembcorp (Cemetery Water bill) £15.16; Thirsk Payroll (PAYE) £32 (Oct.2014-March 2015); Woodgreen Village Hall £12.07 (for Chubb fire extinguisher service Reading Room) & HALC Subscription £209. It was discussed about additional HR contribution to HALC for £120 but this was not felt to be necessary.

At this point SH announced clerk's decision to resign due to family commitments and health problems, but giving three months' notice to allow recruitment of a new clerk (SH, EH & SA will form sub-committee for this purpose). The clerk was warmly thanked for her work on PC's behalf.

14. Meetings attended: 

EH: Western Escarpment & New Forest Consultative Panel

JS: Members Day, RNP, Planning, NPA Planning, NP Authority Meeting.

The meeting ended at 9.20pm.

Date of next meeting: Tuesday 5th May 2015 at 7.30pm

Contact details: Dot Wagg - Clerk to Woodgreen Parish Council. Email:

Tel: 01725 514415. Minutes can also be found on our website:

NB:  these are draft minutes until approved at next Woodgreen Parish Council Meeting