Minutes of the meeting of WOODGREEN PARISH COUNCIL Held at the Reading Room on Tuesday 2nd June 2015 at 7.30 pm

Members present: Chairman Stewart Hall (SH), Ed Hollinghurst (EH), John Clarke (JC), John Sanger (JS) and Pete Skinner (PS).

Also present: District/County Cllr. Edward Heron; Dot Wagg (clerk) and Vicky Eden.

1. Apologies for Absence:  received and approved for Sue Allpress and Julia Wilkie. SH introduced Vicky Eden to Councillors and welcomed her as the new clerk (from 1st July 2015).

2. Declarations of interest: JS for NPA Development Control Planning Committee (agenda item 6).

3. Minutes of previous meetings on 5/5/15 & 26/5/15: It was unanimously RESOLVED that the minutes be accepted as an accurate record and were duly signed by the Chairman.

4. Matters arising from previous minutes:

  • Letter of response to Dr. Lewis will be discussed on agenda item 11 (Cemetery)
  • JS reported that duplicate poles had still not been removed. Clerk to contact BT & SEB again, and PS will bring up at next Quadrant Meeting.
  • Time did not allow for discussion of Councillors' Roles at last week's Annual PC Meeting, therefore after discussion it was RESOLVED that Roles for 2015/16 should be:

SH - Planning, Finance, New Forest Consultative Panel & Dodington Trust.

EH - Planning, Western Escarpment, Tree Applications, Footpaths & Transportation.

SA - Cemetery & Planning.

JC - Western Escarpment, Tree Applications.

JS - Roads Hedges & Ditches & Lengthsman.

PS - Quadrant Meetings, Maintenance of Council Property.

JW - Cemetery, Downton Link, Police Liaison, Planning.

5. Public Participation: no members of the public present.

6. Planning Decision: 15/00284 Woodley, SP6 2AZ - replacement dwelling & demolition of existing dwelling - no decision reached to date.

    Planning Application: no new applications.

    Tree Applications: TPO/15/0481 fell 1 fir tree - Foresters, SP6 2BE - this has been approved already as the tree is dead; TPO/15/0461 prune 1 maple - Crossway SP6 2BB & TPO/15/0492 fell 1 oak, prune

    beech, hazel & chestnut - no objections were raised to these two applications it was RESOLVED to  accept Tree Officer's decision.

7. Broadband update: EH reported no major issues have been identified and the new site proposal seems to be progressing well, however BT will not progress work until the Wayleave has been signed.

8. Lengthsman: Lengthsman is due to visit on 19th June but SH has already cleared stinging nettles from the footpath to shop. Clerk has sent worksheet (with thanks for work already carried out). Cllr. Heron mentioned that there may be a grant available for repairs to Trims Drove footpath.

9. Correspondence:

  • 17/5 - letter forwarded by Cllr. Heron re draft cycling strategy - SH will read and respond.
  • Cllr. Heron reported that the consultation period will start shortly, and concerns expressed over proposed new signage and resultant clutter within New Forest Conservation area.
  • 22/5 - HALC - request for high resolution pictures encapsulating the beauty of our Parish (clerk to ask SA).
  • 27/5 Local Govt. Boundary Commission revision of Electoral Boundaries. Cllr. Heron will email further details to Councillors.

10. Roads, hedges & verges:  

  • Pothole remains opposite Grace Lane - (Clerk to re-report).
  • Re incident at Bus Shelter Sat. 30/5 whereby PC picture had to be taken down as the glass behind it had broken (all glass has already been cleared). After discussion it was decided not to replace the sign, & clerk to notify PC Edwards (Hampshire Police). Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator expressed disappointment that he was not informed until Monday.

11. Cemetery Report:

  • Feedback from seminar attendance will be carried forward to next month when SA is present.
  • Repairs to the access track work have been carried out and are a great improvement. Thanks were expressed to Rob Leary's company for their work there.
  • The headstone request for William Leary was discussed (Purbeck Stone, matt finish). It was unanimously RESOLVED to approve this request which complies fully with Cemetery rules.
  • Re replacement headstone for Andrew Simpson and letter from Dr. Lewis & Mrs Walker. SH & JW visited the Stonemason recently, who was very helpful, giving assurance that the family would not be charged for the proposed stone which does not meet Cemetery rules as it is neither light finish nor matt. Woodgreen Parish Council have a duty to conserve and preserve this Woodland Cemetery and cannot make an exception or change the decision already made. Clerk & SH will reply to Dr Lewis and the Simpson family.
  • Cllr. Heron left at 8.40pm (to attend Hale PC Meeting)
  • SH is continuing mapping work at the Cemetery.

12. Financial report: Income:  £653.94 (5th April, Santander interest 2015/16); £150 (I.N. Newman).

      Expenditure: cheques approved and signed for: Southern Electric £35.14 (Reading Room); £40 (internal audit); £12 Woodgreen Village Hall (hire for Parish Assembly); Clerk Salary & expenses;

      £140 (cutting edge - cemetery). End of year accounts 2014/15 have been internally audited and Accounting statements and Annual governance statements for 2014/15 for external audit were approved and duly signed by        Chairman.

     13. Meetings attended:

  • JS - Resources & Planning Meeting, NFNPA Meeting.
  • SH - New Forest Consultative Panel - NFNPA Alison Barnes gave an update and Forestry Commission Bruce Rothne was very informative.
  • (EH mentioned concerns over the new Government proposal to sell social housing & housing association properties. Within the New Forest Conservation there are difficulties in building new homes so there may be limited opportunities to replace these properties. However this was not an agenda item & will be carried forward to next meeting (EH will draft  a letter of concern to MP Desmond Swayne).

The meeting ended at 9.25pm.

Date of next meeting: Tuesday 7th July 2015 at 7.30pm Reading Room.

Contact details: Dot Wagg - Clerk to Woodgreen Parish Council (until 30th June).

Email: ajwagg@btinternet.com. Tel: 01725 514415. (normal working hours only please)

Clerk (from 1st July): Vicky Eden.

Email: hello@vickyeden.co.uk Tel: 01425 655707 (normal working hours only please)


Minutes can also be found on our website: www.woodgreen-pc.gov.uk




NB:  these are draft minutes until approved at next Woodgreen Parish Council Meeting