Minutes of the meeting of WOODGREEN PARISH COUNCIL

Held at the Reading Room on Tuesday 5th May 2015 at 7.30 pm

Members present: Chairman Stewart Hall (SH), Ed Hollinghurst (EH), Sue Allpress (SA), John Clarke (JC), Pete Skinner (PS) and Julia Wilkie (JW).

Also present: District/County Cllr. Edward Heron; Dot Wagg (clerk).

1. Apologies for Absence:  none.

2. Declarations of interest: EH for Planning 15/00284, Woodley (agenda item 6).

3. Minutes of previous meeting: It was unanimously RESOLVED that the minutes be accepted as an accurate record and were duly signed by the Chairman.

4. Matters arising from previous minutes:

  • Parish Assembly - date confirmed for 26th May 7.30pm; JS has organised a speaker (James Brown) from First Landscape Partnership Group who will talk on projects to improve the landscape; JC will speak about his work as Volunteer Ranger & there will be a table with information set up; EH will give Broadband update; clerk will send invites & post agenda.
  • Parish Assembly will be preceded by Annual Parish Council meeting at 7pm (Woodgreen Village Hall Committee room) for formal acceptance of office, register of declaration of interest and election of Chairman/Vice chairman.
  • "Adopt a Kiosk" (discussed at last meeting) - within this conservation area BT could not remove this kiosk therefore RESOLVED that PC would not "adopt" - however, it is in need of painting (clerk to contact BT)
  • Seat damage on Woodgreen Common - PS is obtaining suitable wood to complete the repairs.
  • Speedwatch (discussed at last meeting). Although vehicles would not generally exceed the 30mph speed limit entering Woodgreen, this speed would be excessive particularly round the corner by St. Georges Cottages. Cllr. Heron suggested that a speed monitor could be arranged to determine and he will arrange for as soon as possible.

6. Planning Applications: 15/00284 Woodley, SP6 2AZ - replacement dwelling & demolition of existing  dwelling - after discussion it was unanimously RESOLVED to  recommend permission.

    Tree Application:  CONS/15/0364 Marlish Cottage SP6 2AU - Council are happy to accept tree officer's  decision but feel that permission may have already been given to   previous owner.

7. Broadband update: EH reported that a site meeting is taking place soon and progress is being made on the best alternative site for new Cabinet 11.

8. Lengthsman: Lengthsman has cleared brambles from perimeter of Cemetery & is due to visit on 19th June. Suggestions for work are clearing stinging nettles on footpath to shop & brambles by reading room. SH met with lengthsman re work needed to Trimms Grove footpath. EH will contact HCC re grant towards footpath repairs, & clerk will send worksheet prior to next visit (with thanks for work already carried out). Cllr. Heron mentioned that the Lengthsman scheme will be reviewed for 2016/17.

9. Correspondence:  (circulated prior to meeting to Councillors for individual or urgent response).

  • NFDC - register of interest forms - these will be completed & signed from 12th May, and Annual PC meeting will be held prior to Parish Assembly
  • Zurich Insurance - insurance quote with "like for like" policy for 2015/2016 of £826.64 (for 3 yr. agreement) or £884.63 (1 yr.) compared with AON Insurance £1,343.97. It was therefore proposed by SH, seconded by EH & unanimously RESOLVED to accept Zurich for 3 year period.
  • School Transport cuts - this was felt to be affecting only students from outside catchment area & therefore a choice for parents should there be cuts to current funding.

11. Roads, hedges & verges:  

  • Email discussed from parishioner re parking & verge damage by Dodgson Close Cottages (Hale side) - both sides of roads. Discussion ensued & though it is legal to pull over from the road, it is not legal to park there. Cllr. Heron advised to approach the landowners - Raglan Housing Association & residents of Dodgson Close (SH & clerk to follow up & cc to Hale PC).
  • Suggestion that dragons teeth need to be placed at footpath adjacent to Gussy's Copse to denote the PC's land boundary.
  • Cllr. Heron reported a pilot scheme to ensure hedges are cut: letter in the first instance from PC, then follow up letter from HCC, then if no action is taken then hedges will be cut by HCC & owner will be required to pay the bill. If this scheme is successful then it may be applied to ditches.

12. Cemetery Report:

  • Cemetery is looking very tidy, positive comments received.
  • Proposed access track work will take place next week, weather allowing (EH following up) - EH will be meeting with Rob Leary there Friday 8th & notify Forestry Commission.
  • SA will meet with SH re issues raised after attendance of Cemetery Management course.
  • Email from parishioner re memorial stone: Councillors are very aware of this sensitive issue, however also have a responsibility to ensure that Cemetery Rules are adhered to. Parishioners are welcome to attend any Parish Council meeting as stated on published Notice of Meeting, Agenda, and on Parish Council Website (www.woodgreen-pc.gov.uk).

13. Financial report: Income:  £3,400 (Precept); £10 (WCSA rental); £250 (Halls Field rental)

      Expenditure: cheques approved and signed for: Alacrify (Website) £900 on the understanding that  current & future clerk will receive support when required; Woodgreen      Village Hall £250 (Halls Field Rental); Zurich Insurance £826.64; £140 (cutting edge - cemetery).

      End of year accounts were reported by SH and signed as accurate (subject to internal & external audit)

      Recruitment of new clerk: SH will speak to HALC re advertising the post in view of potential applicant.

14. Meetings attended:

JC apologised for missing Western Escarpment meeting

SH reported that Dodington Trust have agreed a grant for a Breamore resident.

The meeting ended at 9.25pm.

Date of next meetings: Annual Meeting Tuesday 26th May 2015 at 7pm (Committee Room, Woodgreen Village Hall, prior to Annual Parish Assembly at 7.30pm) & Tuesday 2nd June 2015 at 7.30pm Reading Room.

Contact details: Dot Wagg - Clerk to Woodgreen Parish Council. Email: ajwagg@btinternet.com Tel: 01725 514415.