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Woodgreen Parish Council

Agendas and Minutes

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Minutes of WOODGREEN PARISH COUNCIL held on Tuesday, 5th February 2013 in the Reading Room at 7.30 p.m.

1/2 Present

Jim Hart(JH), Chairman, John Sanger(JS), Joy Jahn, Pete Skinner, Stewart Hall.
Sue Allpress(SA)(clerk) was also present and Cllr Edward Heron for part of the meeting.

2/2 Apologies

Ed Hollinghurst, Julia Wilkie

3/2 Declaration of interests

John Sanger for NPA planning

4/2 Minutes of the last meeting

Minutes of the meeting were agreed and signed by the chairman

5/2 Matters arising not already on the agenda.

  1. Cllr Heron reported that a grant will be made for a replacement tap in the cemetery
  2. Application to replace overground wires- Scottish Power have decided not to proceed with this. They decided that putting the electricity cables underground would not sufficiently improve the look of the village as many poles are shared with BT and the pylons dominatpe the scenery. Their efforts are minaly concentrated in the countryside where the impact is greater. The council thanked the clerk for her efforts with SArah Kelly NPA and expresses their d isappointment with the outcome

6/2 Roads

  1. Jetting has taken place and should prevent further flooding outside Hall House and Village Hall. Cllr Heron reported that there was a backlog of pothole repairs to carry out before the bad weather, which has now been made worse.
  2. Discussion took place about the condition of verges throughout the village(an action in the Conservation area plan). Cllr Heron reported that HCC are putting in compacted hogging in damaged verges. He suggested that all verges be examined when the weather improves in Spring and see what can be done to improve them. Grass cell blocks are probably not possible, they entail a lot of work and great expense.

7/2 Planning

Belvedere, High Street - two storey extension. The council have no objection to this work being carried out and will go along with the NPA’s planning officers decision.

Merrie Orchard, Steele's Drove - the NPA have decided not to take enforcement action as the other agencies involved, including Building Control at NFDC, have more immediate powers to resolve any subsequent issues with the drainage system. Clerk to contact Liz Giles from HCC about restoration of footpath.


Warren House - chestnut tree - no objections

Woodley, Brook Lane – a variety of trees to reduce. There is some concern about two Douglas firs. The NPA’s tree officer will be visiting the site.

John Sanger reported that the NPA now carries out all the tree work for the NPA & NFDC. This has increased their workload considerably and it has been suggested that tree wardens in the parishes could do some of the preliminary visits.

NPA planning report

JS reported that current Permitted Deveopment rights are currently being extended as follows:

a) Change of use of commercial premises to residential will be allowed from Spring 2013. This is to encourage empty offices back to residential use. There is still an option for Local Councils to ask for an exemption and the NPA has done so. This may also mean that redundant farms building could also be used for housing.

b) There will be a slackening of rules on placing of mobile masts and cabinets.

8/2 Cemetery Report

  1. The fallen tree across the access to the cemetery has been reported to the Forestry Commission.

10/2 Financial Report


There were no payments this month.

Discussion took place about renewing the Santander bond in March. JS suggested that the clerk contact Nigel Stone, NPA Finance officer, to see if there were any better investment options for parish councils There was some debate over the precept. It appears that asking for £6350 as last year, will result in receiving £6,661.

10/2 Halls Field

The clerk produced a breakdown of expenses over the last few years for Halls Field and the expenditure exceeds the income. Therefore there will be no payment to the Village Hall this year from the Halls field rental but should be something due by the end of the next financial year.

Tenant of Halls Field to be informed that fence repair is his responsibility as specified in the lease. The water leak has not yet been repaired due to bad weather but the water tap had been turned off. Sembcorp have offered to reduce the bill by £169.44 to cover the water leakage but this is a one off offer and will not be repeated if further leaks take place. The PC accepted the offer. It was also decided that the water supply to the field and shop should have separate meters installed. CLerk will pursue this.

11/2 Meetings attended

John Sanger chaired the Quadrant meeting on 14th January. He reported that there was an update on enforcement and the NPA were asking for issues and initiatives it is felt they should be leading. John also attended a NPA planning meeting; a LAG meeting, where a grant for Woodgreen Cricket Club Pavillion thatch was considered; a Resources & performance committee, which looks into how to cope with the reduced income next year and carries out a review of projects.

Stewart Hall attended a Dodington Trust meeting and reported that a grant has been made to a Breamore resident.

12/2 AOB

  1. The next Parish Assembly will be on Friday 10th May 2013 (not 3rd as previously stated).
  2. The council had been approached by Donald Summers about putting the parish council on his Village website. As there is already another offer to help set up an up to date version of the Parish Council website the council decided to put this on hold for 6 months and then review.
  3. John Sanger reported that there is an independent report been produced about the Forestry Commission and the land they manage. It has been recommended that the Forests stay in public hands and will not be sold off. Clerk wil copy and circulate this document.
  4. The next Quadrant meeting will be on 25th March at 7:30pm in Fordingbridge Town Hall. Parish councillors were asked to attend on behalf of the village.

13/2 Date of next meeting

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 5th March 2013.

Minutes of WOODGREEN PARISH COUNCIL held on Tuesday, 5th March 2013 in the Reading Room at 7.30 p.m.

A Planning meeting was held prior to the main meeting.
Present were:

Jim Hart, Stewart Hall, Ed Hollinghurst and Julia Wilkie. See planning minuted below for properties discussed.

Main Meeting

1/3 Present

Jim Hart (JH), Chairman, John Sanger (JS) (for part of the meeting), Pete Skinner (PS), Stewart Hall (SH), Ed Hollinghurst (EH), Julia Wilkie (JW)

2/3 Apologies

Joy Jahn

3/3 Declaration of interests

John Sanger for NPA planning

4/3 Minutes of the last meeting

Minutes of the meeting were agreed and signed by the chairman.

5/3 Matters arising not already on the agenda.

  1. The Lengthsman has done a good job of clearing the ditch at the bottom of Grace Lane and the corner hedge near the Reading Room. While doing so he found and reported a damaged pole near Grace Lane and a dislodged manhole cover when he cleared the hedges. SH asked how much grant we still have for further work. Clerk to find out. The scheme year will run until July 2013.
  2. Reading Room land. Clerk had been in touch with Steve Avery, NPA, who said that the land could be cultivated without applying for planning permission provided a shed was not erected. Councillors agreed that Geoff Harris could have the use of the land to grow vegetables. Clerk will inform him.
  3. Parish Council website – Cllr Heron said that there are now some legal requirements for PC websites. The clerk to contact HALC for further details. Clerk to send link for proposed website to councillors for comments at the next meeting. Meanwhile Robert Lampard and clerk to continue to develop it.

6/3 Correspondence


  1. Determination of controlled (Rural) Locality (Final)
  2. New National health help line (111) goes live in Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton. This is free to call and replaces NHS Direct but is not an emergency number.

Age Concern, Village Agent

Information about the role of Village Agent, including job description, person specification and application form.

Hampshire County Council

Proposed speed limit reduction from 60 to 50 mph between Fryern Court Road, Burgate and the county border at Charford on the A338.

Hampshire Association of Local Councils

Leaflets for councillors with information on services provided by HALC.

Swindon Borough & Wiltshire Council

Notification of publication of report on Aggregate & minerals site allocations. The report proposes adoption of the Local Plan.

Village Hall Management Committee

Notice that the users rate will be increased from £5.50 per hour to £5.75 per hour. Also an invitation to attend a village hall users meeting on Monday 29th April at 7.30pm and notice of the AGM on Monday 10th June at 7.30pm.

Ringwood & Fordingbridge Footpath Society

March issue of Waymark


Council budget will deliver quality services with no increase in council tax.

Clerk & Councils Direct

March Issue

GIS system

Information about the relaunch of the GIS system for consideration. This was passed to SH.

Community Wild Life Plans

An update on projects. This will be included in the Parish Assembly.

7/3 Roads

  1. Problems with water and the camber of the road along Woodgreen Common Road had been reported. The response from Hampshire Highways was that all drains had been jetted recently and there was nothing could be done about the camber of the road.
  2. A further reminder of the importance of individuals, as well as the council, reporting potholes, which can be done via


Pipits Hill, Brook Lane – Fell garden trees accepted.

JS reported that in future Parish Councils will now have a right to reply at planning meetings in addition to their comments being heard.

9/3 Cemetery Report

  1. Nick Chandler has been asked to replace the tap in the cemetery.
  2. Discussion took place about the placing of ashes in relative’s graves. It was decided that this is at the discretion of the PC with the approval of close relatives.

10/3 Financial Report


Southern Electric – for Reading Room - £15.93

New Forest Area Conservation Volunteers, for work carried out in the copse - £48.00

Sembcorp – for Halls Field - £55.02 (this will be refunded by WCSA)

Clerk’s salary Jan – March 2013. Discussion also took place about reviewing clerk’s salary. Clerk and SH to look into this and report back at the next meeting.

The clerk reported that the PAYE system is to change to Real Time reporting in April. SH offered help if needed.


Interest form NS&I - £188.72

Interest from Santander - £1,503.50

Ground rental from WCSA - £10.00

As there had been no response from the NPA’s finance officer and no other suitable alternative investment found, the clerk has reinvested £50,000 with Santander.

11/3 Halls Field

Earlcoate will be attending to the repair of the water leak in Halls Field. There was discussion about separating the water supply to the shop and field, but as this would be a very expensive option it was decided to explore the possibility of a private meter in the field in order to have a record of Halls Field consumption. The water bill will remain in the PC’s name and will initially be paid by the PC. WCSA will then be invoiced for payment and it will be up to WCSA to agree a charge for the Halls Field tenant. Any future leakage will be the responsibility of the user.

12/3 Consultation on enforcement in NPA

This had been circulated to councillors prior to the meeting. It was passed to SH for a response.

13/3 Meetings attended

There were no reported attended meetings this month.

14/3 AOB

  1. Merrie Orchard, Steele’s Drove – it has been reported that the embankment of the garden is slipping into the footpath. The PC is concerned about the lack of enforcement on the drainage of this property. Clerk to contact Paul Hocking, NPA’s enforcement officer about this. The NFDC have deferred approval of the new drainage system until the property is occupied. It was noted that the property is now up for sale.

15/3 Date of next meeting

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 2nd April 2013

Minutes of WOODGREEN PARISH COUNCIL meeting held on Tuesday, 7th May 2013 in the Reading Room at 7.30 p.m.

1/5 Present

Jim Hart(JH), Stewart Hall(SH), Joy Jahn (JJ), Julia Wilkie (JW), Ed Hollinghurst (EH), Pete Skinner(PS), John Sanger (JS).

Cllr Edward Heron (from 8.15pm) and Sue Allpress (SA) were also in attendance.

2/5 Apologies

Jim Hart, John Sanger and Edward Heron

3/5 Declaration Of Interests

JS for NPA planning committee

4/5 Minutes of the last meeting

  1. Lengthsman - to be asked to clear the cemetery path of branches when he next attends
  2. 2 Steele’s Drove – there has been an extension to the closure of this footpath for 6 months from 6th May while further drainage and water repair is carried out. A copy of a letter of complaint has been received by the council from a parishioner. This letter has been written to all the authorities involved with Steele’s Drove and Merrie Orchard problems. The council agreed that a letter of support should be written and EH will draft this.

6/5 Correspondence

New Forest National Park Authority

  1. Extension of consultation on Draft Landscape Action Plan and Landscape Character Assessment from 27th June to 27th July. Consultation documents previously circulated.

Hampshire County Council

  1. The next New Forest Passenger Transport Forum will be on Wed 17th July at 10.00am at Lyndhurst Community Centre.

Letter from Parishioner re Steele's Drove

A copy of a letter of complaint sent to multiple agencies about the way that the problems along Steele’s Drove and Merrie Orchard have been dealt with. See matters arising.

Clerks and Councils Direct

An independent newsletter for local councils and clerks

7/5 Roads

Some of the reported problems have not yet been dealt with

8/5 Planning


  • Long Orchard - top a tulip tree and fell a conifer
  • Robin Cottage- fell one cherry tree
  • Warren Copse – removal of 3 trees

The council had no objections to any of the above proposed tree works being carried out.

9/5 Cemetery Report

JS and clerk need to re examine some of the labelling in the cemetery. PS will be clearing the rubbish the weekend coming.

10/5 Financial Report


  • Cutting Edge - for two visits - £140<
  • Earlcoate - £216 - for supplying and installing a water meter in Halls Field. WCSA contributing 50% of the net VAT cost.
  • N Chandler - £350 - for supplying and installing a new tap with stop valve for the cemetery (a grant had previously been recieved for this work.)
  • Insurance - £1357.55. Clerk to explore other options before the next renewal is due.
  • Sembcorpe, Hallsfield - £27.51

Annual accounts are ready for audit. SH felt it would be helpful to present the unaudited accounts to the Parish Assembly and this was agreed. Accounts will be circulated prior to the next meeting when they will be presented for approval.

PAYE - clerk has submitted Annual Return and set up the new Real Time Information payments.

11/5 Parish Assembly

Cllr Heron offered to talk about Collective energy switching and Broadband registration at the Assembly on Friday 10th May.

12/5 Consultation paper from NPA on the New Forest Landscape

Councillors were asked to consider a response to this document. The deadline for a reply has been extended to 31st July. The full document is available on the NPA website.

13/5 Meetings attended

JW and SH attended the Western Escarpment meeting. The steering group will shortly be issuing guidance which will be delivered to every household and then subsequently put into Welcome Packs. It will include useful information about planning and generally caring to retain the features of a Conservation Area. Separate guidance on boundary fences and hedges will be prepared later in the year.

SH attended the Hale Parish Assembly and the New Forest Consultative Panel. He said that the Forestry Commission in the New Forest costs £5.3 million a year and they bring in an income of £2.8million, leaving the net cost at £2.7 million or £95 per hectare.

JS attended a NPA meeting on 11th April and a LAG (Leader) meeting. He said that funding for Leader grants is coming to an end and the last grant has been given. It is hoped there will be another round of this funding, which has been running for 3 years.

14/5 AOB

  1. HCC has a new leader, Cllr Roy Perry and a new Deputy Leader, Keith Manns, both of which have connections with the New Forest.
  2. The councillors asked for it to be noted that they are pleased to see the land adjacent to the Reading Room being cultivated and looking much tidier.

15/5 Date of next meeting

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 4th June 2013.

Minutes of WOODGREEN PARISH COUNCIL meeting held on Tuesday, 2nd July 2013 in the Reading Room at 7.30 p.m.

1/7 Present

Stewart Hall (SH), Joy Jahn (JJ), Julia Wilkie (JW), Pete Skinner (PS). Sue Allpress (SA) was in attendance.

2/7 Apologies

Jim Hart who was wished a speedy recovery, John Sanger, Ed Hollinghurst

3/7 Declaration of interests

SH and JJ for Dongoa (trees)

4/7 Minutes of the last meeting

Minutes of the meeting were agreed and signed by the SH as Vice Chairman

5/7 Matters arising not already on the agenda

  1. Lengthsman - further work has been requested - removal of rhododendrons at Densome Corner, more cutting of hedges along the Breamore Road and clearing Halls Field footpath. A letter had been recieved complaining about the state of the Halls Field footpath, but as already noted this is on the Lengthsman's list.
  2. Steele's Drove - problems here are still ongoing. The council has received a copy of a letter to the various authorities involved, setting out the events of the past few years in relation to Steele's Drove.

6/7 Roles within the Council

  • Planning - ED Hollinghurst, Stewart Hall, Jim Hart, Joy Jahn and Julia Wilkie.
  • Roads, footpaths, hedges and trees - Ed Hollinghurst
  • Western Escarpment meetings - Stewart Hall and Julia Wilkie
  • North West Quadrant meetings - Pete Skinner
  • Police Liaison meetings - Julia Wilkie
  • Downton Link - Joy Jahn
  • Doddington Trust - Stewart Hall
  • Cemetery - John Sanger
  • New Forest Consultative Panel - Stewart Hall
  • Lengthsman - Stewart Hall
  • Finance - Stewart Hall

7/6 Roles Within The Council

Letter re footpath (as above).

Steele's Drove correspondence (as above)

8/7 Roads

The Meadows, Hale Road - removal of conservatory and replacement with a garden room. This application has been approved by the NPA.

Coombe Cottage, The Common - two storey rear extension; conservatory; double car port/log store; demolition of existing single storey rear extension and workshop - this application was approved by the NPA before the council had been able to comment but the applicants have now restricted their extension increase to the 30% allowable.

Broomy Cottage, Densome Wood - to reduce an oak by 50%. The NPA tree officers could see no problem with this proposed work.

White Cottage - the NPA tree officer agreed to the removal of the fir trees.

Springfield, 11 Densome Wood, fell a spruce - there was no objections to this application.

Dongoa - High Street - no objections to the removal of spruces and rowan tree

10/7 Cemetery Report

Nothing to report

11/7 Financial Report


Cutting Edge - for two visits - £140

Clerk's salary for April - June 2013


Rental for Halls Field - £250

AON insurance - a repayment of £67.88

13/7 Website

Still awaiting information on domain name from NFDC. Councillors declaration of interest forms need to be returned to clerk for inclusion on the website

14/ 7 Meetings Attended

JJ attended a Downton Link meeting

15/7 AOB

There was no AOB.

16/7 Date of next meeting

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 3rd September 2013 at 7:30pm. August's meeting cancelled.

Minutes of WOODGREEN PARISH COUNCIL meeting held on Tuesday, 3rd September 2013 in the Reading Room at 7.30 p.m.

1/9 Present

Stewart Hall (SH), Joy Jahn (JJ), Julia Wilkie (JW), Ed hollinghurst (EH), Pete Skinner (PS), John Sanger (JS), and Cllr Edward Heron (from 8:25pm).

Sue Allpress (SA) was in attendance.

Stewart Hall started the meeting by speaking of the sad loss of Jim Hart. He called for a minute's silence in Jim's memory and afterwards councillors then spent a few moments talking about Jim, his long period of service and how much he and his wealth of local knowledge and good humour will be missed.

2/9 Apologies

There were no apologies.

3/9 Declaration of interests

John Sanger for NPA planning

4/9 Minutes of the last meeting

Minutes of the last meeting (July, there was no meeting in August) were agreed and signed by SH.

5/9 Matters arising not already on the agenda

  1. Lengthsman - all requested work has been carried out.
  2. Although EH was not at the previous meeting he accepted responsibility for footpaths, hedges and verges, but will share responsibility for tree applications with SH. EH will write an article for the Parish Magazine with information about footpaths.
  3. Cattle grid signs - these are now being put in place as a countrywide policy
  4. EH reported that there will be a change to the tourist brown signs early next year which could mean that the village shop will became eligible, not as a shop but as a community enterpirse

6/9 Correspondence

As many items of correspondence are now sent to the clerk by e-mail and fowarded to the councillors, it was suggested that if any councillor wished to discuss any items further the clerk would be asked to put the item on the next agenda

7/9 Roads, Hedges and Verges

There are several stiles throughout the village in need of repair. Clerk to organise this and ask Hale PC if they would share the repair expenditure of the stiles on our Parish Boundaries such as the one at the bottom of Densome Wood.

8/9 Planning

Warren House, Woodgreen Common Rd - demolish existing lead-to attached to garage and build rear side extension to existing garage to form artist's studio and to install new septic tank. The application was generally well received but light pollution and potential residential/business use issues will be addressed with the planning authority.

The willow tree behind the village hall is smothering the playgroup's garden. SH has spoken to the NPA tree officer who has agreed that it can be trimmed.

Work being carried out at Holly Lodge, Warren Cop recently has been investigated by the NPA's enforcement team and a decision made that planning permission was not required.

The council noted that the changes to the old shop premises had now been completed and considered them an enhancement to the village.

There is a new planning consultation document relating to change of use of agricultural buildings.

Clerk to circulate to councillors and put on the next agenda for a response by 15th October.

Villahermosa, Brook Lane - fell one cherry, 1 Spruce and 1 Cypress. The council decided to leave the decision to the NPA's tree officer.

9/9 Cemetery Report

An addition to a memorial for Patience Bosanquet was agreed.

A memorial for Graham McCarthy was also agreed.

SH proposed that in future cemetery decisions such as the above could be taken by the councillor in charge of the cemetery and the clerk, or chairman/vice chairman and clerk. This unanimously agreed.

There are some problems relating to the cemetery i.e. piles of gravel from a levelled grave, uncut grass/shrubbery behind the cremation area. The clerk and JS to meet and resolve these problems.

10/9 Financial Report

Cutting Edge - for four visits £280

SEB - £5.37

BDO, for auditing Annual Return - £120

I N Newman - £50

The clerk presented the audit report which was approved and accepted by the council. The issues arising report was also presented, which related to the level of fidelity guarantee. The council believe that there is sufficient cover at present but will review this annually and will also look at the checks we have in place. Insurance will be reviewed annually. The notice of conclusion of audit will be displayed on the PC notice board.

11/9 Meetings attended

EH attended a transport meeting. Wilts and Dorset Bus Company have agreed to continue the X3 service. He also attended a Broadband meeting, and will prepare a seperate report for the parish magazine.

JW attended a Police Liaison meeting. The station in Fordingbridge is closing and there will be a police office in the NFDC information centre. Simon Hayes, the Police Commissioner for Hampshire will be at the next meeting on 12th November.

JS attended a LAG meeting, the LAEDER grants are coming to an end. An abattoir feasibility study was presented but it has been decided that the project would not be viable. He attended several planning meetings. Folds Farm has received permission to use the Coach House for holiday lets.

12/9 AOB

  1. It has been reported that there is a possible leak from the new water meter in Halls Field. EH is dealing with this.
  2. SH read a letter from the clerk expressing her wish to retire from the post at the end of the year after almost ten years' service. This was accepted with much regret but with thanks for her tireless and dedicated support to the council and community over this period. The vacancy will be advertised shortly and SA offered her assistance during the take-over period.

13/9 Date of next meeting

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 1st October 2013

Minutes of WOODGREEN PARISH COUNCIL meeting held on Tuesday, 1st October 2013 in the Reading Room at 7.30 p.m.

1/10 Present

Stewart Hall(SH), Julia Wilkie (JW), Ed Hollinghurst (EH), Pete Skinner (PS, Sue Allpress (SA) was in attendance.

2/10 Apologies

Joy Jahn, John Sanger

3/10 Declaration of interests

There were no declarations of interest

4/10 Election of Chairman

Ed Hollinghurst proposed Stewart Hall, seconded by Julia Wilkie. This was agreed unanimously and Stewart Hell then took the chair.

Pete Skinner propsed Ed Hollinghurst for Vice Chairman, seconded by Julia Wilkie, agreed unanimously.

5/10 Minutes of the last meeting

There was one change to the minutes. 5/9 item 4 should have said Cllor Heron and not EH. Minutes of the last meeting were then agreed and signed by the new chairman(SH).

6/10 Matters arising not already on the agenda.

  1. A notice of the vacancy on the council will be displayed on the notice board after this meeting for 14 days, after which, if there has been no response, the council will look at co-opting in order to ensure that we keep the number of councillors at seven.
  2. A job advertisement for a new clerk will be posted on the notice board and in the Parish Magazine.
  3. Warren House planning application. The council are awaiting a response from the NPA planning officers.

7/10 Correspondence

  1. Local enforcement plan
  2. Protecting people and places fund
  3. Notice of next Quadrant meeting

8/10 Roads, Hedges and Verges

  1. The cattle grid along Hale Road is in need of some attention
  2. A drain along the Hale Road opposite 'Le Pre' has dropped.
  3. Mill Bridge - there was a suggestion that the road either side of the bridge be raised slightly to elimnate the 'blind spot' that occurs when approaching it
  4. Clerk to report all of the above to Hampshire Highways
  5. Some hedges along Brook LAne are expanding into the road and SH and/or EH will speak to those concerned

9/10 Planning

Amberledge House, High Street - Single storey extension/porch. The PC will go along with the decision of the NPA's planning officer, but voiced a convern that the fenestration should be appropriate to the area and approved by the conservation officer.

The Old Cottage, High Street - Replacement garage. The PC recommends permission but would like the roofing to match the recent single storey extension.

Land at the rear of Hansel & Doran, Hale Road - fell goat willows. There was no objection to this work.

Swallordale, Woodgreen Common Road - Trees at the rear of the property. Permission has already been given which will make the property much more visible driving across the forest road.

Apple tree Cottage, Woodgreen common Road - removal of condiers. Although this may impact on the scene from the common, the trees concerned are very intrusive so the council will accept the officer's decision.

10/10 Cemetery Report

The rubbish that has collected in the cemetery will be removed at the weekend and the council will look to remove some soil which has accumlated near the tap. It would be appreciated if visitors took away any old flowers and arrangements

11/10 Financial Report


  • Cutting Edge - £70
  • Sembcorp - Water Bill for cemetery -£15.33
  • Clerk's Salary for July - Sept.


  • Local Authority Precept: -£3,330.50
  • I N Newman - £100

12/10 Meetings attended

Pete Skinner attended a Quadrant meeting. There was much discussion about the proposal to relax the planning rules for 'change of use of farm buildings, empty shops and offices'.

EH felt that the current planning rules are perfectly adequate.

13/10 AOB

  1. It was agreed that there should be a memorial brass plaque to Jim Hart put on the seat on the Common closest to where he often watched the cricket. SH to compose the wording.
  2. JW has been asked by other parishioners whether it was possible to have extra memorial seats but The Forestry Commission as agents for the Crown Land will not allow any more seats on the Common or other land they administer. They will only allow re-positioning of existing seats.
  3. It was noted that the bus shelter is again covered in unsightly notices. Clerk will remove them.

14/10 Date of next meeting

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 5th November 2013

Minutes of WOODGREEN PARISH COUNCIL meeting held on Tuesday, 5th November 2013 in the Reading Room at 7.30 p.m.

1/11 Present

Stewart Hall (SH), Ed Hollinghurst (EH), Pete Skinner (PS), Joy Jahn (JJ), John Sanger, Sue Allpress (SA) and Cllr Heron were in attendance.

2/11 Apologies

Julia Wilkie

3/11 Declaration of interests

John Sanger for the NPA planning.

4/11 Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes were agreed and signed by the chairman.

5/11 Matters arising not already on the agenda.

There have been several expressions of interest for the post of Parish clerk. SH, EH and SA to set up interviews before the next meeting.

6/11 Co-option of councillor

John Clarke had indicated his interest in becoming a parish councillor and SH formally proposed that JC be co-opted, which was seconded by JJ and unanimously accepted. Just prior to the meeting another parishioner had also indicated their interest in being co-opted and this was welcomed and will be noted should a new vacancy arise.

7/11 Correspondence

  1. A letter had been received from a parishioner, on behalf of others, complaining about shooting taking place close to the Breamore Road and adjacent properties. Cllr Heron advised that this it is outside the parish council’s jurisdiction saying that the parishioners should contact the Police for shooting safety and the NFDC noise abatement department regarding the nuisance element.
  2. Letter received asking if the PC would like to take part in the Christmas tree event in the church this year. The council agreed to and clerk will organise this.
  3. The council were alerted to trees in the Hall Field grounds that had been damaged in the storm. SH will investigate this.

8/11 Roads, Hedges and Verges

  1. There have been some problems with ponies blocking the road when they congregate around Densome Corner to be fed in the winter. Clerk to contact Verderers to make further enquiries as to whether the feeding station nearby should be moved further away from road.
  2. SH has reported the problem with the overgrown hedges/verges along the road to Breamore to Hampshire Highways and he would like all landowners to ensure that their hedges and trees do not obstruct the road. HCC do not have the funds available to trim the hedges but they are responsible for cutting the verges to 1 metre which is difficult in places because of the overgrown hedges. Cllr Heron suggested that the council should first write to the owners requesting them to cut back their hedges where they obstruct the road and if there is no response we should contact Hampshire Highways, who will then take it up with the owners.
  3. JS had written a letter about horsetail, an invasive plant, which is growing in Breamore and is encroaching along the Breamore road into Woodgreen. HCC will address this.

9/11 Planning

Robin Cottage, Brook Lane – two storey extension including demolition of pre 1982 additions. The council welcomed the re-development but had concerns about the massing in the conservation area. Council therefore recommended refusal.


  • Willows, High Street – reduce cherry
  • Verge adjacent to Swallowdale, remove 3 holly bushes
  • The Old Cottage, High Street – reduce 4 trees and yew hedge
  • Land east of North End, Hale Rd – reduce 5 trees
  • Avon Vale, Lower Densome – fell one Norway spruce and cone cedar

The council decided to accept the tree officer’s decision on all the tree applications.

10/11 Cemetery Report

Nothing to report on the cemetery this month

11/11 Financial Report


  • Cutting Edge – £140
  • For website - £100

Discussion took place about next year’s budget. The transition grant is being phased out over the next three years. SH and SA will meet to look at the 2014/15 budget, which will be presented at the next meeting.

12/11 Meetings attended

JJ attended a Downton Link meeting.


SH attended a NFALC meeting regarding parish funding in 2014/15.

13/11 AOB

  1. EH spoke about the update on broadband supply to the area. The latest information is that most of Woodgreen will now be have superfast broadband by 2015 although a few properties in the Castle Hill/Godshill Wood area will not be covered. EH checked the Outreach exchange programme and the Downton exchange is due for an upgrade in 2014, but no month is specified.
  2. The Parish Council website is now up and running.
  3. JS said that the NPA has received a Heritage Lottery grant. £2.9million has been earmarked for the National Park Authority to restore lost habitats, develop Forest skills and inspire new generations to champion and care for the New Forest. The 7 year New Forest Landscape partnership will be led by the NFNPA and 10 key partners, who will contribute their own funding to increase the pot to £4.5million. For further information visit

14/11 Date of next meeting

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 10th December 2013

Minutes of WOODGREEN PARISH COUNCIL held on Tuesday, 10th December 2013 in the Reading Room at 7.30p.m.

1/12 Present

Stewart Hall (SH), Ed Hollinghurst (EH), Pete Skinner (PS), Joy Jahn (JJ), John Sanger Sue Allpress (SA) and Cllr Heron were in attendance.

2/12 Apologies

Julia Wilkie

3/12 Declaration of interests

John Sanger for the NPA planning committee.

4/12 Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes were agreed and signed by the chairman.

5/12 Matters arising not already on the agenda.

  • Clerk had been in contact with the verderer about the problems caused by horses feeding at Densome Corner. The Verderer in charge of grazing, Colin Draper, is well aware of the problem and confirmed it is a feeding station. He is working closely with the National Trust and Sue Bowser to find an alternative feeding station. He is also in contact with the owner of the nearby property and will be monitoring the situation personally.
    The Christmas tree in the church is in place.
  • SH gave a report on the interviews for the Parish clerk. Discussion took place and it was decided to offer the position to Dorothy (Dot) Wagg with effect from January 1st 2014, and she has subsequently accepted.

At this point SH interrupted to the meeting to present the current clerk with a wonderful bunch of flowers and expressed thanks from the council for her work over the past 10 years.

6/12 Correspondence

NFALC – information about group cycling events.

A letter had been received from a parishioner about a car that was parked on the verge near the garages at St. George’s Cottages, in spite of dragon’s teeth. Also mentioned was the problems caused by cars parked near the bus shelter. SH will speak to the people who park there and explain the problems it causes to the school buses.

7/12 Roads, Hedges and Verges

There is a drainage hole in Brook Lane opposite Vine Cottage which is increasing in size. Clerk to report this.

8/12 Planning


  • Holly Cottage, Brook Lane - fell apple tree.
  • Bower Cottage, The Alley – fell several ash trees, remove dead elms, prune young maples.
  • Marlish cottage, High Street – fell 4 cypresses.
  • Avon Vale, Lower Densome – fell one Norway spruce and cone cedar.
  • The council were happy with all the proposed work above.
  • Oldings Cottage, Woodgreen Common road – reduce oak by 50%. The NPA tree officer is looking into this as it is felt that a 50% reduction may be excessive.
  • Millersford Lodge – SH will look into this application.

9/12 Cemetery Report

The Lengthsman will be asked to remove the pile of gravel that has been left in the cemetery and place on the path. He will also be asked to carry out a general tidy up of brambles around the cremation area. PS has cleared the rubbish and has replaced the dustbin with a builder’s bag for ease of removal.

10/12 Financial Report


  • Cutting Edge – £70
  • Southern Electric – for Reading Room - £37.08
  • Sembcorp – for Halls Field - £88.47 – to be reimbursed by WCSA.
  • Clerks salary and expenses for Oct to Dec 2013.
  • The draft budget was presented and it was decided to keep the precept at the present level of £6600.

11/12 Meetings attended

EH attended a Police Liaison meeting. He reported that the area will be losing one PSO and gaining 2 specials. The nearest open Police Stations are now Lymington or Totton.

JS attended a sustainable development meeting. Money from the fund has been given to the Beaulieu Estate to set up a workshop for traditional boat building. He also attended a Commoner’s housing panel, a Quadrant meeting, a New Forest Marque meeting, an Ellingham PC meeting and a Western Escarpment meeting. JS would like the shop to support the New Forest Marque.

SH attended the New Forest Consultative panel. It was brought up at the meeting that HCC own an area of land from the Lymington River to Keyhaven, which is a wildlife conservation area and open to the public. He attended the Western Escarpment Conservation Area Steering Group which is producing two leaflets. One will cover what it means to live in a conservation area and particularly planning, the other will cover boundaries and recommended planting/fencing. These are intended for use in welcome packs and will be available generally.


JS asked NFDC if the council could have a list of people who have licences to cut holly in the forest. Clerk to ask NFDC.

JS asked if coffee and biscuits could be provided at the meetings in future. Clerk to organise a kettle.

Cllr Heron asked for it to be noted that HCC may in the future consider purchasing agricultural land to give young farmers a chance to get started in the industry and pointed out that the purchase would not affect the Revenue (Council Tax) budget. The HCC Capital budget would fund the investment and commercial rents charged.

PS said that the cricket club is to have a separate memorial for Jim Hart.

Defibrillator – WCSA has agreed to have a defibrillator sited on an outside wall at the shop. The PC is in full support of this and is happy to insure and maintain it once purchased. £2000 will need to be raised and Cllr Heron would be minded to support a grant of £250 towards the cost from his NFDC community Grant scheme should an application be submitted. It is understood that the Village Trust will be taking responsibility for fund raising in the New Year and Howard Ratcliffe is happy to organise the appeal.

13/12next meeting

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 7th January 2014

The new parish clerk details are as follows:

Dot Wagg
Forest Gate
Woodgreen Common Road
Tel: 01725 514415
E mail:

Minutes of WOODGREEN PARISH COUNCIL held on Tuesday, 7th January 2014 in the Reading Room at 7.30p.m.


Present: Stewart Hall (SH), Ed Hollinghurst (EH), Pete Skinner (PS), Joy Jahn (JJ), John Clarke (JC), Dot Wagg (DW) and Sue Alpress (SA).

Apologies: Julia Wilkie & John Sanger.

2/1 Declaration of interests

None declared

3/1 Welcome to new clerk and new councillor

A warm welcome given to DW and JC, and gratitude expressed to SA for her attendance tonight and for help during handover period for new clerk.

4/1 Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes were agreed and signed by the chairman after minor alterations noted.

5/1 Matters arising not already on the agenda

  • Cutting back of verges – SH has been chasing up with Breamore Estate
  • Discussion regarding jobs for village lengthsman and other work, i.e. cemetery access needs to be cleared and general tidying up of brambles – SA has already been in touch and DW will follow up.
  • Sign post for the cemetery needs attention; Steele’s Drove gate, Forest common steps, and stile at Trimm’s Drove need attention – SH will look into this.
  • Application for precept – SA will pass on email information to DW to follow up.

6/1 Correspondence

  • Cycling events in the New Forest, emails from Fawley were discussed and councillors can respond individually to emails circulated.
  • Request from Western Escarpment Conservation Area steering group for parish councils to identify key areas of where parking on verges etc is causing a problem. EH & JC have agreed to look into this and mark the maps. DW will reply to email to request maps.

7/1 Roads, Hedges and Verges

Pothole in Brook Lane (previously reported) – SA & DW will chase up action. Flooding discussed, water table very high at present & some drains blocked.

8/1 Planning

Trim Cottage, Woodgreen Common Road – rear dormer and new porches. Some concerns expressed over the front porch as cottage is in very prominent position should the appearance and character change significantly. PC are happy with the porch being rebuilt as long as the conservation officer is satisfied – DW will obtain comments sheet & respond.


Tap Cottage and Little Acorns already discussed and PC happy with proposed work.

9/1 Cemetery Report

  • Request for memorial headstone, no objections, SA to find plot number DW will follow up.
  • (previously discussed) lengthsman to be asked re pile of gravel & cemetery access.
  • PC members would like to thank the kind person who placed lovely wreaths on the graves at Woodgreen Cemetery this Christmas.

10/1 Financial Report

Signatories to remain for this meeting, but we need 3 signatories plus clerk – PS has agreed to be extra signatory, & DW to follow up with Lloyds, Santander & National Savings.

Payments: 2 cheques - £60 to SA (reimbursement for United Hosting, paid on credit card) and £120 to Cutting Edge.

Received:cheque from I.N. Newman £150 for memorial headstone.

11/1 Meetings attended

PS attended Cricket Club AGM; SH attended Dodington Johnson Trust, reporting that no requests received for grants from this Trust – JJ will re-advertise in Parish Magazine.

12/1 AOB

  • EH discussed email received from Martin Harrington re broadband speed suggesting more local involvement to register their interest in faster broadband (discussed at Hale PC) – EH will follow up.
  • PS very concerned about the welfare of cattle during the flooding. He received numerous calls about cattle caught in the flooding by the bridges but could not identify who the cattle belonged to. The concerns expressed were that the owners, leasing from Breamore Estate, should be checking on their animals daily, particularly during these extreme conditions. He suggested that an emergency contact number is put on each gate in case of problems. Letter of concern from PC to be sent to Michael Hulse Esq. (DW & SH).
  • PS (regarding flooding) – “road closed” signs should be placed at the beginning of roads affected, not further down making people reverse and causing other traffic flow problems. DW to send letter to Hampshire Highways & cc to Councillor Heron.

13/1 Next meeting

Tuesday 4th February 2014 at 7.30pm


The meeting will be preceded by 10 minutes informal time for parishioner’s issues to be raised. Each speaker may have a maximum of 3 minutes.

  1. Present
  2. Apologies for absence
  3. Declarations of Interests: (in accordance with the Council’s Code of Conduct and section 106 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992)
  4. Minutes of previous meeting: to sign as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 7/1/14
  5. Matters arising from previous minutes:
    • Concern re cattle caught in flooding – resolved, and letter received from Michael Hulse esq.
    • Western escarpment maps received and forwarded
  6. Jobs for village lengthsman: clerk has requested list of jobs and added reported problems to the list including brambles either side of the road near Nursery Close and Nursery Cottages.
  7. Correspondence:
  8. Roads, hedges and verges
  9. Planning:
    • 99139 Land adjacent to Bower Cottage – retention & completion of shelter;

    • 14/0072 Barns Farm, Hale Road – fell 5 Poplar trees
    • 14/0074 New Forest Close – Oak & Beech reductions
    • 14/0115 Brook Cottage reduce Yew tree
  10. Cemetery Report
  11. Financial report: change of signatory forms to be completed
  12. Meetings attended
  13. AOB:
    • Insurance
    • Risk assessment
    • Date for Parish meeting
  14. Date of next meeting, Tuesday 4th March 2014 7.30pm

1. Present

Stewart Hall (SH), Ed Hollinghurst (EH) (arrived 8.45, attended Hale PC), Pete Skinner (PS) (left at 10.15), John Clarke (JC), John Sanger, (JS), Julia Wilkie (JW), Cllr. Edward Heron (left at 8.15) and Dot Wagg (clerk).

2. Apologies for absence

Joy Jahn

3. Declarations of Interests

(in accordance with the Council’s Code of Conduct and section 106 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992): JS for NPA Dev. Planning Committee.

4. Minutes of previous meeting

(to sign as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 7/1/14) – these were agreed and signed by SH.

5. Matters arising from previous minutes:

  • Concern re cattle caught in flooding – resolved, and letter received from Michael Hulse Esq.
  • Western escarpment maps received, EH & JC to mark problem areas on maps & consult JS.
  • Pothole in Brook Lane reported and has been dealt with. Cllr. Heron emphasised the need to report problems quickly, and emphasise any danger so they can be prioritised.
  • Faster Broadband – discuss later in meeting when EH arrives

6. Jobs for village lengthsman (clerk to report and monitor)

  • Grips at bottom of Hill Close need cleaning out to prevent flooding
  • Densome Corner brambles and rhododendrons
  • Willow trees at the rear of village hall on the roadside falling/leaning towards the play group garden. (potential danger to children)
  • Cemetery – pathway very slippery; old cherry trees need trimming or removing; brambles around the railings; clear around cremation plots, potholes in grass, safety issues.
  • Brambles at various sites
  • Straighten up village signs
  • Clean out bus shelter

7. Correspondence: (emails mentioned on agenda & circulated will be replied to individually by councillors using links provided)

  • Hants CC proposed reductions to mobile library service Cllr. Heron mentioned alternative schemes – home lending scheme, good neighbour scheme, digital books (online library) – would be worth publicising locally.
  • Wiggle sporting event 12 & 13th April Matchams – should not affect Woodgreen, but concerns expressed about large cycling events and detrimental effect to the Forest.
  • HCC email re superfast broadband workshops: EH attended Hale PC meeting and is liaising with Martin Harrington so that knowledge is shared. He again confirmed the need for Woodgreen parishioners to support the campaign by registering their interest for an improved service. This will be publicised locally via poster on PC board, website, and information cards left at shop and being delivered with Parish Magazine, involve local schools. EH asked that the broadband issue become a monthly topic until a faster service is provided.
  • NFDC switch and save clerk to post on PC noticeboard
    Defibrillator for Woodgreen – issues discussed re purchasing. Cllr. Heron has promised grant towards it (£250, possibly more). PC has committed to maintain and insure it.

8. Roads, hedges and verges

SH reported that David Barnaby will be cutting back the hedging on Breamore Road & Hale Road. JS reported road by Warren Farm – rhododendrons planted by roadside will need attention in the future.

9. Planning: 99139

Land adjacent to Bower Cottage PC have no objection and are happy to accept the Officer’s decision subject to a Tree Officer confirming no detrimental effects to the yew tree.

14/0072 : Barns Farm fell 5 Poplar trees;
14/0074M : New Forest Close Oak & Beech reductions;
14/0115 : Brook Cottage reduce Yew tree – no objections raised regarding these works

Concern expressed regarding possible request for vehicular access to Brook Cottage. Clerk to follow up and also report concerns regarding the widening of the track further up towards the common as grass verges are being seriously eroded by cars.

A parishioner has expressed concern about possible change of use of a property so an Enforcement Officer will be asked to investigate.

10. Cemetery Report

as mentioned previously, the lengthsman will do some tidying up and improve access. JS will re-visit updating the cemetery plan and any other outstanding matters, and share responsibility with JW on cemetery issues in future.

11. Financial report

reconciliations have been signed by SH for 1st three quarters 2013/14. Change of signatory details almost completed. Clerk to follow up with PS.

12. Meetings attended

ED attended quadrant meeting - planning and agricultural changes; JS attended NFNPA & Planning Dev. Control meeting.

13. AOB

  • Mike Anton will attend to some repair jobs in the village (Steele’s Drove bottom gate; step on stile bottom of Trims Drove; stile opposite Crossways; Reading Room corner drainpipe)
  • Insurance – clerk will compare another quote before next renewal in June.
  • Risk assessment – SH & clerk will carry out this year’s assessment. (fire extinguisher in Reading Room has not been checked since 2012 – JW to email clerk with details to follow up)
  • Date for Parish Assembly meeting: Tuesday 6th May 7pm (discussion re increasing interest in community – interesting speakers, publicising meeting, maybe following with “cheese and wine”) JW will book Village Hall (PC meeting will be a week earlier on Tues. 29th April)

14. Date of next meeting, Tuesday 4th March 2014 7.30pm


The meeting will be preceded by 10 minutes informal time for parishioner’s issues to be raised. Each speaker may have a maximum of 3 minutes.

1. Present

2. Apologies for absence

3. Declarations of Interests

(in accordance with the Council’s Code of Conduct and section 106 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992)

4. Minutes of previous meeting

to sign as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 4/2/14

Matters arising from previous minutes

  • QU/14/0038 – concerns raised re change of use of garage/outbuilding
  • Defibrillator update: BACS payment of £400 received via Cllr. Heron
  • Date of Parish Assembly

6. Faster Broadband update

7. Jobs for village lengthsman

8. Correspondence

  • Emails regarding meetings and conferences have been passed to Councillors for individual responses. JC to attend “Paths to Partnership” Conference
  • Email regarding broken gate & fencing Godshill Enclosure – will be repaired by end March
  • NFDC re electoral roll register
  • NFDC re Lyndhurst – Dementia Friendly High Street
  • Notes of North West PC Quadrant meeting 3/2/14
  • Forestry Commission re work in Godshill Enclosure & broken gates & fencing
  • NFDC re Council’s next forward plan
  • NALC Police Consultation: Local Audit & Accountability Act; NALC cheques LRO briefing
  • Rotary Club of Fordingbridge & District – re nominations for Citizen of the Year 2014
  • NFDC Traffic Management Programme 2014/15

9. Roads, hedges and verges

10. Planning


  • TPO/14/0166 Tall Trees, Lower Densome Wood SP6 2BE – reduce Oak by 5-6 metres
  • TPO/14/0195 Oldings Cottage SP6 2BD – reduce oak crown by 2.5 metres & holly by 1.5
  • CONS/14/0214 Rose Cottage, High St. - fell 1 multi-stemmed Alder & 1 Birch
  • CONS/14/0242 Greenways, Brook Lane – re-pollard willow tree

11. Cemetery Report

12. Financial report

  • Cheque for £54.99 to be signed (book “Local Councils Explained”)
  • Cheque for £180 to be signed (D. Barnaby – Hedge Cutting)
  • Cheque for £27.98 to Southern Electric

13. Meetings attended

14. AOB

15. Date of next meeting: Tuesday 1st April 2014 7.30pm

1. Present

Stewart Hall (SH), Julia Wilkie (JW), John Sanger (JS), Pete Skinner (PS), John Clarke (JC), Joy Jahn (JJ) and Dot Wagg (clerk).

2. Apologies for Absence

Ed Hollinghurst & Cllr. Heron (& JS has to leave by 8.30 to attend Hale mtg.)

3. Declarations of Interests

(in accordance with the Council’s Code of Conduct and section 106 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992): JS for NPA Dev. Planning Committee.

4. Minutes of previous meeting

– these were agreed and signed by SH.

5. Matters arising from previous minutes

  • QU/14/0038 (building work) awaiting further information.
  • Defibrillator: the generous payment received via Cllr. Heron will be sent to Howard Ratcliffe for Community Heartbeat Trust; insurance will need to be arranged once installed (clerk)
  • Date of Parish Assembly: (revised so that SH can attend) will now be Tuesday 29th April 7pm and suggestions for speakers - defibrillator/first responder/Community Heartbeat Trust
  • Western Escarpment maps: EH & JC have colour coded verge erosion areas on maps (clerk to forward on)
  • Potholes in Brook Lane reported but not yet repaired (clerk to follow up plus agenda item 9 below)
  • Godshill enclosure ongoing tree work & repairs to gates & fencing (clerk to follow up)

6. Faster broadband update

more Woodgreen parishioners have registered interest, notices now on Parish noticeboard, cards given out and full page briefing to go in next Parish Magazine

7. Jobs for village lengthsman

  • Lengthsman did not meet with SH today as promised
  • Issue with willow tree by playgroup rear of village hall needs to be prioritised re safety issues
  • Grip/channel down from Hill Close is now full of gravel and needs clearing out
  • Brambles at bottom of Grace Lane need cutting back as they restrict view for pedestrians and motorists

8. Correspondence

  • Emails have been circulated to councillors prior to meeting and these were discussed briefly
  • Suggestion re nomination for Citizen of the year 2014 (Rotary Club of Fordingbridge)

9. Roads, hedges and verges

  • D. Barnaby has cut hedging back and made a great difference although there is more work to do
  • Concerns expressed re recent flooding and cleaning out of ditches – in order to reduce or prevent flooding, landowners need to keep any ditches on their property free flowing and reinstate where appropriate, particularly on the west side of High Street, Hale Road which are lowest lying. The road along Castle Hill to Godshill Wood needs urgent repair – damage is increasing (clerk to report again, and follow up). Grace Lane also needs attention. Suggestion of inclusion in Parish Magazine to let parishioners know how to report potholes & include on agenda for Parish Assembly

10. Planning

TPO/14/0166, TPO/14/0195, CONS/14/0214, CONS/14/0242 (see agenda for details): Councillors are happy to accept the decision reached by Tree Officer(s)

11. Cemetery Report

JS met with Sue Allpress at the Cemetery: “Woodgreen Cemetery” for new sign; graves to be identified re issues of safety & any known agreements for reserved plots to be documented and others to be archived. Sue is mapping the plots on computer (will complete by September). SH visited the cemetery today & reported “fly-tipping” of garden waste which will need reporting (clerk to follow up and JC has a contact in the Forestry Commission)

12. Financial report

  • 3 cheques signed (see agenda for details)
  • Cheque for £400 signed (to Community Heartbeat Trust re defibrillator donation via Cllr. Heron)
  • Halls Field – Clerk to check income/exp. for any balance to give back to Village Hall
  • Clerk’s salary and expenses for quarter to 31st March to be drawn before end of current financial year.

13. Meetings attended

JJ attended meeting of Downton Link, who still need more volunteer drivers

14. AOB

JC to attend “Paths to Partnership conference (clerk to book); Risk assessment is being amended (SH & clerk)

15. Date of next meeting: Tuesday 1st April 2014 7.30pm

Contact details: Dot Wagg – Clerk to Woodgreen Parish Council Email:

Tel: 01725 514415 minutes can also be found on our website:

The meeting will be preceded by 10 minutes informal time for parishioner’s issues to be raised. Each speaker may have a maximum of 3 minutes.

1. Present

2. Apologies for absence

3. Declarations of Interests

(in accordance with the Council’s Code of Conduct and section 106 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992)

4. Minutes of previous meeting

To sign as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 4/3/14

5. Matters arising from previous minutes

  • The generous payment received via Cllr. Heron has been passed on to Howard Ratcliffe towards purchase of defibrillator for Woodgreen

Faster Broadband update

email received via Cllr. Heron & further clarification from Ed Hollinghurst

Jobs for village lengthsman

8. Correspondence (emails have been circulated to Councillors for their individual responses)

  • Parish online
  • Letter of concern from Burley PC re Wiggle cycling event 12/13th April
  • NFDC domestic violence survey/sandbag collection points/next forward plan
  • HALC training events/localising council tax support grant
  • NF land advice service & half day biomass & CHP conference 28/3/14
  • NFDC “don’t leave valuables in your car” & Chairman’s Charity Dinner
  • Wiltshire Council re 2 new Development Plan Documents
  • Woodgreen Village Hall rental rates
  • Invite for St. Boniface Centenary celebration

9. Roads, hedges and verges

10. Planning: 14/00142/LBC Queen Anne Cottage (removal of disused chimney)

11. Cemetery Report

Sign to be replaced and access path improvement

12. Financial report

13. Meetings attended

14. AOB

Parish Assembly

15. Date of next meeting: Tuesday 6th May 2014 7.30pm

Contact details: Dot Wagg – Clerk to Woodgreen Parish Council Email: and further info to be found on our website: