Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of WOODGREEN PARISH COUNCIL Held in the Committee Room at Woodgreen Village Hall on Tuesday 6th August 2019 at 7.30pm

 Members present: Chairman John Clarke (JC), Lance Benest (LB), Sue Allpress (SA),  John Sanger (JS), Pete Skinner (PS), Stewart Hall (SH) and Ed Hollinghurst (EH).

Also present: Vicky Eden (Clerk) 


19/20.66 Attendance Book and Apologies for absence: The Attendance book was completed accordingly.

19/20.67 Declarations of interest: JS for NPA Planning Committee, SH for CONS/19/0490 and 19/00514 and LB for TPO/19/0488 abstaining from discussion and voting in these matters.

19/20.68 Minutes of previous meeting on 02/07/2019: Following a review of the minutes, it was then unanimously RESOLVED that the minutes be accepted as an accurate record and were duly signed by the Chairman.

19/20.69 Matters arising from previous minutes not appearing as agenda items: 

  1. Ongoing maintenance Woodgreen Village Hall garden - Update from LB. Hale and Woodgreen Horticultural Society have settled costs in respect of recent treworks. JS to enquire if Parish Lengthsman can undertake some further specified tasks in the garden.

  2. Rural internet - LB is awaiting response from Cty Cllr Heron

  3. Exemption Certificate received by external auditor

  4. Dog Fouling - The members are disappointed that dog fouling continues to be a problem in Woodgreen and reiterated that more should be done by dog owners to clear up after their pets. LB is to get leaflets to be displayed in village shop highlighting this problem. Clerk is to write to Forestry Commission (England) advising of the ongoing problem. PS is to liaise with the cricket club advising of concerns. Residents are reminded that dog fouling can be reported via the following link:


19/20.70 Public Participation Session: No members of the public were present. 

19/20.71 District and County Councillor:  Not present

19/20.72 Planning

a)    Planning Applications: 


i.    19/00514 - Finches, Brook Lane, Woodgreen, SP6 2AZ - Partial roof alterations to facilitate the installation of a lantern roof light - Deadline for Comments 30/07/2019

After discussion, the following recommendation was RESOLVED:

5 We are happy to accept the decision reached by the National Park Authority’s Officers under their delegated powers. The members do wish to ascertain that light pollution will not be a problem.

b)    Tree Works Applications:

Case Ref:


Proposed Works:

Prune/Pollard 1 x Oak tree; Prune/Pollard 2 x Sweet Chestnut trees; Fell group of dead Sweet Chestnut trees (Exempt works)

Site Address:

Neterhat, Densome Wood, Woodgreen, Fordingbridge, SP6 2QU

Deadline for Comments


26th August 2019

Case Ref:


Proposed Works:

Fell 1 x Metasequoia Glyptostroboides (Dawn Redwood); Fell 1 x Cordaline Palm

Site Address:

Applecroft, Brook Lane, Woodgreen, Fordingbridge, SP6 2AZ

Deadline for Comments

26th August 2019


Case Ref:


Proposed Works:

Fell 1 x Macrocarpa tree (Dead - Exempt Works); Fell 1 x Oak tree (Dead - Exempt works); Prune 1 x Oak tree

Site Address:

Tanglewood, Lower Densome Wood, Woodgreen, SP6 2BE

Deadline for Comments

27th August 2019


Following discussion, it was agreed to leave decisions to the tree officer in relation to the above applications.

Problems with the treeworks section of the NFNPA website were raised and Clerk is to investigate accordingly.

c)    Other Planning Matters: 

Decisions or no comments required - Planning: 

Decisions or no comments required - Treeworks: 

Parishioners are reminded to report any concerns in relation to breaches of planning online via the NFNPA website at http://www.newforestnpa.gov.uk/info/20041/enforcement/109/enforcement/4 or contact Clerk.

19/20.73 Roads & Ditches

  1. Pothole by village hall has been repaired. 

  2. It has been confirmed by Hampshire Hampshire that no warning signage/cones available for potholes. SA advised that potholes have not been repaired on High Street.

  3. Response received from Cty Cllr Heron regarding the fencing leaning over the road edge and drop between the railway arch and bridge on Woodgreen Road read aloud and members expressed disappointment that the railings will not be reinstated. 

  4. Missing dragons teeth in Densome Wood and top of Steels Drove have been reported.

  5. Members notified of future road closure on Hale Road Woodgreen - 22nd August 2019 for 5 days and Clerk is to ascertain whether works will be undertaken overnight.

  6. Clerk to ascertain what work was undertaken by Hampshire Highways on Lower Common Road

  7. Drain collapse on Castle Hill to be reported.

  8. Concern raised about long term parking on High Street and it was noted that it could be reported if obstructing highway. SA to raise at next Beat Surgery.

Parishioners are reminded to report any Highways concerns online via the Hampshire County Council (HCC) website at http://www3.hants.gov.uk/roadproblems or contact Clerk.

19/20.74 Hedges and Footpaths: 

  1. Fence now reinstated in Trims Drove. 

  2. The fence on Pippits Hill is currently supported by the hedge and EH/PS are to investigate accordingly.

  3. Concern raised about overgrown brambles in Love Lane and JS is to see if Lengthsman can trim accordingly.

Parishioners are reminded to report any concerns in relation to Rights of Way online via the HCC website at https://www.hants.gov.uk/landplanningandenvironment/rightsofway/reportaproblem  or contact Clerk.

Parishioners are also reminded to report any concerns in relation to fly tipping on Forestry Commission land either by telephone 0300 0674601 or contact clerk

19/20.75 Parish Lengthsman: JS gave an update. During his last visit, some dragons teeth have been reinstated and repairs to the posts on Gussage Copse completed. Members were asked to forward on any new tasks to JS for the next visit on 19th August 2019 and it was noted that tasks in relation to Trims Drove and Woodgreen Pre-school garden are to be added to the worksheet.

Members were disappointed following the recent correspondence received suggesting that the parish lengthsman scheme may be under threat. JS to prepare wording for Clerk to forward to Hampshire County Council (copying in Cty Councillor Heron and Fordingbridge Town Council) to express the members concerns.

19/20.76 Cemetery Report: Request for interment of ashes on 28th August 2019 approved. Clerk to mark plot accordingly.

19/20.77 Reading Room: EH gave an update, detailing progress of repairs to date. Roof is to be reinstated shortly, prior to interior being completed. EH to chase for expected completion date.

Flooring to be considered once repairs completed. An interim VAT reclaim is also to be forwarded once repairs completed. Members to consider letting Reading Room to local organisations in the future.

19/20.78 Standing Orders: It was RESOLVED to amend the Standing Orders to reflect that a Chairman of the Parish Council is to normally be in office for a maximum of 5 years, if successfully reelected on an annual basis (6 members in favour, 1 abstention)

19/20.79 Training:

  1. To receive update on training undertaken on 10th July 2019. LB gave an update, advising that the workshop promoted good interaction with other attendees

  2. To consider and approve future training - 

    1. The members RESOLVED for the Clerk to attend Granting, Exercising and Transferring Exclusive Rights of Burial training in Hartley Wintney on 5th September 2019 at a cost of £170.00

    2. No members wished to attend HALC training organised by Lyndhurst Parish Council on 5th November 2019 at the present time.

    3. LB, JC, SA and EH wish to attend planning training organised by NFNPA in Brockenhurst Village Hall at 2pm on 4th September 2019 and Clerk is to advise accordingly

19/20.80 Correspondence: The Clerk presented an overview of correspondence to councillors. 

  1. 04/07/2019 - Fordingbridge Town Council - Travellers

  2. 09/07/2019 - Lyndhurst Parish Council - Training - 7pm, 5th November 2019 in Lyndhurst Community Centre - £25 each

  3. 10/07/2019 - NFDC - Polling District & Places Review - Deadline for comments 18/08/2019

  4. 12/07/2019 - HALC - July E-Update

  5. 15/07/2019 - NFDC/Hampshire Police - Police 101 Call Service

  6. 24/07/2019 - NFNPA - Planning Training Event for Parish and Town Councils - Brockenhurst Village Hall - 4 September 2019 - 2.00 - 4.30 pm

  7. 26/07/2019 - HALC - NALC Policy E-Briefing PC8-19 – Draft Data Sharing Code of Practice - Deadline for comments 16/08/2019

  8. 26/07/2019 - HALC - Chief executive's bulletin

  9. 26/07/2019 - Cty Cllr Heron - Hampshire Highways Enquiry 21439479

  10. 29/07/2019 - Hale Resident - Concern in relation to parking. The parish council acknowledged this concern as although verge is now protected, cars are being parked dangerously. Clerk is to forward concern to the verderers and Hampshire Highways. SA to liaise with Hampshire Police at next Beat Surgery.

  11. 30/07/2019 - Fordingbridge Town Council - Parish Lengthsman update

  12. 30/07/2019 - HALC - NALC Surveys: May 2019 Elections - Deadline for responses 27/09/19

  13. 30/07/2019 - Resident - Anti social behaviour at Moot Lane 

  14. 31/07/2019 - Hampshire Highways - Revised Start Date and Timing Details -Temporary Road Closure Hale Road Woodgreen - 22nd August 2019 for 5 days

  15. 02/08/2019 - HALC - NALC Model Financial Regulations - Revised July 2019 - to be considered at October meeting.

  16. 02/08/2019 - NFDC - Forward Plan - July 2019

19/20.81 Finance:

  1. Review of Balances and financial position: 

    1. Santander £70,026.85 (interest added as at 01.11.2018)    

    2. NSI £5154.77 as at 01.01.2019

    3. Lloyds - as below


Item Description



Cheque no. / Credit Slip


Lloyds Account Balance


Victoria Eden - Clerks salary and expenses July 2019







Michael Easterbrook - Cutting Edge







NFDC - Building Regulation







T P Jones - Payroll costs







Memorial Fees





Cemetery Fees - AA5 





Zurich Municipal - Insurance payment re Reading Room





Favionus Architects







Zurich Municipal - Insurance payment re Reading Room





New Dimension Builders - 3rd invoice Reading Room







  1. Expenditure: The following cheques were approved and signed for:

Cheque No





Victoria Eden

Clerk’s salary and expenses for August 2019 



Michael Easterbrook - Cutting Edge

Maintenance of Cemetery



Andrew Waring Associates

Structural Engineer



Hale Parish Council

Training on 20th June 2019




Chairman Training on 10th July 2019


19/20.82 Meetings attended

16/07/2019 - JS - Planning Committee

29/07/2019 - SA, LB, JC and SH - Woodgreen Village Hall AGM

19/20.83 Matters to be raised on next agenda: Banking Arrangements; Cemetery Audit

19/20.84 Date of Next Meeting: It was agreed for the next parish council meeting to be held on Tuesday 3rd September 2019 at 7.30pm. Venue is to be confirmed.


JC closed the meeting at 9.20pm. 


Contact details: Clerk: Vicky Eden, 24 Lyster Road, Fordingbridge, SP6 1QY

Email: parish.clerk@woodgreen-pc.gov.uk Tel: 01425 655707 (normal working hours only please)


Minutes, including appendices and other documentation, can also be found on our website: www.woodgreen-pc.gov.uk


Draft minutes to be approved at next meeting