Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of WOODGREEN PARISH COUNCIL Held in the Reading Room on Tuesday 3rd December 2019, starting at the slightly later time of 7.38pm

Members present: Chairman John Clarke (JC), Lance Benest (LB), John Sanger (JS) (leaving the room at 8.30pm after 19/20.144 and returning at 8.34pm during 19/20.146), Pete Skinner (PS) (leaving shortly before the end of the meeting), Stewart Hall (SH) and Ed Hollinghurst (EH).

Also present: Vicky Eden (Clerk) and Cty Cllr Edward Heron (arriving at 8.24pm during 19/20.144 and leaving at 8.30pm after 19/20.144)


19/20.137 Attendance Book and Apologies for absence: Apologies were received and accepted from Cllr Sue Allpress. The Attendance book was completed accordingly and it was noted that a resident had attended the earlier parish council surgery in respect of a planning application submitted.

19/20.138 Declarations of interest: JS - NPA Planning Committee abstaining from discussion and vote.

19/20.139 Minutes of previous meeting on 05/11/2019: Following a discussion and review of the minutes where it was agreed to amend 19/20.130 to delete reference to ‘final’ architects invoice as further ones are expected, it was unanimously RESOLVED that the minutes be accepted as an accurate record and were duly signed by the Chairman.

19/20.140 Matters arising from previous minutes not appearing as agenda items: 

  1. Dog Fouling - New posters had been put up, although the members were disappointed to note that some had been taken down. Remaining posters to be put up when cricket season recommences - it is hoped that they can be securely displayed behind a perspex cover. Residents are reminded that dog fouling can be reported via the following link:


19/20.141 Public Participation Session: No members of the public present

19/20.142 District and County Councillor: Cty Cllr Heron was not present during this part of the meeting but did not have anything to report upon his arrival.

19/20.143 Planning

a)    Planning Applications: 

Application No:


Proposed Works:

Conversion of garage/store and extension to provide facilities incidental to the dwelling. Removal of dilapidated lean to structure

Site Address:

Warren House, Woodgreen Common Road, Woodgreen, SP6 2QX

Deadline for Comments    11th December 2019

After discussion, the following recommendation was RESOLVED:

5.    We are happy to accept the decision reached by the National Park Authority’s Officers     under their delegated powers.

The members would like materials to be in keeping with existing and that the extension remains an ancillary building.

Application No:


Proposed Works:

Single storey extensions; new porch; 2no new rooflights; replacement car port; demolition of existing single storey extension, porch and garage; replacement roof, new doors and windows and cladding to existing outbuilding to facilitate additional ancillary accommodation

Site Address:

Densome Cottage, Upper Densome Wood, Woodgreen, SP6 2QU

Deadline for Comments    19th December 2019

After discussion, the following recommendation was RESOLVED:

4.    We recommend REFUSAL for the reasons listed below:

As noted by the planning officer, the building is considered an undesignated heritage asset.  It is one of the few small dwellings still in existence in the local parish and the parish council feels that it is important that it continues to be recognisable as a small farm dwelling. Whilst the replacement of the existing kitchen extension will no doubt improve the façade of building and enable access to a replacement garage/carport the parish council finds that the positioning of the new extension on South East of the existing dwelling along the roadside will not enhance the character of the building consistent with Policy SP16.  

Whilst the removal of the existing kitchen extension will enable access to the garage/carport area, there remains a concern that the increase in size of the property may also lead to additional parking on the grass verges which are already under threat as noted in Policy SP17

The Parish Council also feels that the proposed changes to the existing agricultural outbuildings are not in keeping with the nature of this small dwelling and the addition of sky lights and bathroom facilities indicates a proposal to turn this into “additional habitable accommodation” in conflict with Policy DP37 and further negatively impacting the character of this local asset.

The members also wish to refer the planning officer to the following section of the Western Escarpment Character appraisal for Woodgreen, which specifically identifies Densome Farm as one of only a few ‘hovels’ remaining and as such the parish council wants to ensure that this character is not lost by any inappropriate development or over development of the site:

67. Generally, the late 18th and early 19th century buildings are represented by low status, one and a half storey two bay thatched cob cottages, which demonstrate the type of encroachment settlement taking place around the common during this period. Many of these cottages have their origins as typical historic Forest ‘hovels’ often located end-on to the adjacent roadway. Good examples include: Brookside, Finches, Holly Cottage, Sunset Cottage, Densome Farm and the cob cottage in the grounds of Castle Cottage. In contrast, there are a small number of higher status buildings from this period, including the substantial brick and slate Horse and Groom Inn.

b)    Tree Works Applications: 

Case Ref:


Proposed Works:

Fell 1 x Lawson Cypress tree; Fell 1 x Scots Pine Tree

Site Address:

Swallowdale, Woodgreen Common Road, Woodgreen, SP6 2QX

Deadline for Comments    12th December 2019

Members agreed to leave decision to tree officer in respect of the above application.

The following application was received after agenda issued:

Case Ref:

CONS/19/0780 (Deadline for comments - 25th December 2019)

Proposed Works:

Prune 1 x Beech, Prune 1 x Ash Tree, Fell 1 x Lawson Conifer tree, Pollar 1 x Weeping Willow tree, Fell 1 x Goat Willow tree

Site Address:

Homestead, High Street, Woodgreen, SP6 2AU

Members agreed to leave decision to tree officer in respect of the above application.

c)    Other Planning Matters: 

Decisions or no comments required - Planning: 

Decisions or no comments required - Treeworks: 

Case Ref:

TPO/19/0670 (Deadline for comments - 11th November 2019)

Proposed Works:

Prune 1 x group of Conifer trees. Fell 1 x Conifer tree

Site Address:

Hilldown, Densome Wood, Woodgreen, SP6 2QU

Decision        Grant

Case Ref:

TPO/19/0693 (Deadline for comments - 18th November 2019)

Proposed Works:

Re Pollard 1 x Eucalyptus tree, Pollard 1 x Willow tree, Pollard x Holly trees

Site Address:

Hollybush, Upper Densome Wood, Woodgreen, SP6 2QU

Decision        Grant

Clerk understands that only identified breaches are recorded in weekly lists.

Parishioners are reminded to report any concerns in relation to breaches of planning online via the NFNPA website at http://www.newforestnpa.gov.uk/info/20041/enforcement/109/enforcement/4 or contact Clerk.

19/20.144 Roads, Ditches, Hedges and Footpaths

  1. Matter in relation to overgrown vegetation obstructing the lane to Lower Densome is ongoing

  2. It was noted that the standing water on the road to Breamore and outside of Woodgreen Village Hall/Hall House is exceptional at the present time and is to be reported to Hampshire County Council.

  3. Post has been knocked over near Breamore Mill Bridge with brickwork damaged. Clerk to see that this has been reported.

  4. It was noted that the 40mph sign on Moot Lane is pointing in the wrong direction and is to be reported accordingly

  5. LB advised that roadworks would take place 9th-11th December 2019 on Lower Common Road to install gulley.

Parishioners are reminded to report any Highways concerns online via the Hampshire County Council (HCC) website at http://www3.hants.gov.uk/roadproblems or contact Clerk.

Parishioners are reminded to report any concerns in relation to Rights of Way online via the HCC website at https://www.hants.gov.uk/landplanningandenvironment/rightsofway/reportaproblem  or contact Clerk.

Parishioners are also reminded to report any concerns in relation to fly tipping on Forestry Commission land either by telephone 0300 0674601 or contact clerk.

19/20.145 Parish Lengthsman: LB to take over responsibility for the Parish Lengthsman scheme and members to forward tasks to LB for future visit on 20th December 2019. Yearly calendar forwarded on accordingly. Thanks were expressed to Cllr Sanger for his work with the parish lengthsman. 

19/20.146 Cemetery Report: The Clerk advised that she had received one enquiry for an interment of ashes into an existing plot (O18) and the members RESOLVED to approve this application accordingly.

19/20.147 Reading Room: EH provided an update. Currently awaiting substantial completion, with any snagging to be rectified in due course. Updated figures were discussed with a further breakdown to be forwarded prior to next meeting.

It was noted that the Parish Council had not received a fixed price quotation in relation to the repairs to the Reading Room (as it was always likely that additional work would be required when the full impact of the vehicle collision was known) hence the reason for an architect overseeing the contract.

Once final certificate received, all invoices are to be forwarded to the solicitor acting for both the insurer and the parish council who will endeavour to recoup uninsured costs from drivers insurer (as per 18.314, 2nd April 2019). EH will also ask the architect for an up to date valuation in relation to the Reading Room for insurance purposes.

The members are very happy with repairs undertaken to date. Thanks were expressed to neighbouring properties for their understanding and patience whilst repair work was progressing. The Parish Council RESOLVED to preauthorise a budget of £60 to purchase thank you gifts for those affected whilst work was ongoing. Thanks were also given to LB for cleaning the donated table.

19/20.148 Correspondence: The Clerk presented an overview of correspondence to councillors. 

  1. 07/11/2019 - NFDC - General Election - 12th December 2019 - Purdah Letter

  2. 08/11/2019 - New Forest Citizens Advice - New Forest Advice Hub, Lymington

  3. 10/11/2019 - AVC - Christmas Tree Festival - 6th December 2019

  4. 15/11/2019 - NFALC - Draft Minutes dated 17th October 2019 (next meeting 16/01/20)

  5. 15/11/2019 - Zurich - Have you been impacted by the recent floods?

  6. 15/11/2019 - HALC - NALC LTN22 - Grievance and Disciplinary Arrangements 

  7. 18/11/2019 - Pensions Regulator - Workplace Pensions Re-enrolment

  8. 20/11/2019 - HALC - Consultation: Strengthening police powers to tackle unauthorised encampments - Deadline for comments 19/02/20

  9. 18/11/2019 - HCC - Annual Vegetation Cutting 2020 - Deadline: 15th January 2019

  10. 22/11/2019 - Police and Crime Commissioner - Register to Access Resources

  11. 25/11/2019 - Downton Link - AGM Minutes

  12. 25/11/2019 - Playforce - New Government Funding - Deadline for application 31/12/19

  13. 26/11/2019 - Downton Link - Contact List

  14. 29/11/2019 - Real New Forest - New Forest Commoners

  15. 03/12/2019 - HALC - S137 Figures for 2020-21 - £8.32 per elector

19/20.149 Finance:

  1. Review of Balances and financial position: 

    1. Santander £70,026.85 (interest added as at 01.11.2018)    

    2. NSI £5154.77 as at 01.01.2019

    3. Lloyds - as below


Item Description



Cheque no. / Credit Slip


Lloyds Account Balance


Victoria Eden







Michael Easterbrook - Cutting Edge







Zurich Municipal - Insurance payment re Reading Room





New Dimension Builders - 5th invoice Reading Room







Zurich Municipal - Insurance payment re Reading Room





Favionus Architects






2. Expenditure: The following cheques were approved and signed for:

Cheque No





Victoria Eden

Clerk’s fees and expenses for December 2019



Michael Easterbrook - Cutting Edge

Cemetery maintenance




Membership Renewal



Fordingbridge Town Council

Parish Lengthsman materials




Election Expenses




Carpet tiles - Reading Room



Cllr Sue Allpress

United Hosting - website and Christmas Tree




Electricity for Reading Room



Cllr John Clark

Materials for cleaning Reading Room table



3. Reinvestment of 1 |year Investment Bond - Update of signatories ongoing.

4. Draft Budget 2020-21 - Presented to members for their consideration prior to the January meeting.

5. Financial regulations - To be considered followed approval of budget

19/20.150 Meetings attended: JS (on behalf of NFNPA) - 19/11/2019 - Planning

19/20.151 Matters to be raised on next agenda: Budget 2020-2021 and precept request including banking arrangements and financial regulations, Reading Room update (including agreeing formal opening date) and Cemetery update (including review of fees).

19/20.152 Date of Next Meeting: It was agreed for the next parish council meeting to be held on Tuesday 7th January 2019 at 7.30pm in the Reading Room.


JC closed the meeting at 9.45pm. 


Contact details: Clerk: Vicky Eden, 24 Lyster Road, Fordingbridge, SP6 1QY

Email: parish.clerk@woodgreen-pc.gov.uk Tel: 01425 655707 (normal working hours only please)


Minutes, including appendices and other documentation, can also be found on our website: www.woodgreen-pc.gov.uk


These are draft minutes until approved at the next meeting