Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of WOODGREEN PARISH COUNCIL Held in the Committee Room at Woodgreen Village Hall on 

Tuesday 2nd July 2019 at 7.30pm


Members present: Chairman John Clarke (JC), Lance Benest (LB), Sue Allpress (SA),  John Sanger (JS), Pete Skinner (PS) (leaving at 9.10pm during 19/20.63) and Ed Hollinghurst (EH).

Also present: Vicky Eden (Clerk) 

19/20.49 Attendance Book and Apologies for absence: Following completion of the Attendance book, apologies were received and accepted from Cllr Hall.

19/20.50 Declarations of interest: JS for NPA Planning Committee.

19/20.51 Minutes of previous meeting on 11/06/2019: Following a review of the minutes, it was then unanimously RESOLVED that the minutes be accepted as an accurate record and were duly signed by the Chairman.

19/20.52 Matters arising from previous minutes not appearing as agenda items: 

  1. Woodgreen Village Hall Garden - Following receipt of an invoice for recent treeworks undertaken, LB is to liaise with Hale and Woodgreen Horticultural Society to clarify who is to pay costs both for treeworks undertaken and future maintenance of garden.

  2. Memorial bench - SA provided update. WCSA may have suitable location for memorial bench and are liaising with family concerned.

  3. Chairing Skills training - This is to be held on 10th July 2019 and Clerk is to confirm that JC and LB are booked on training

  4. IT arrangements - Members and Clerk reminded to clear unnecessary emails periodically to free up storage space on server

  5. Local police surgeries - These are already being promoted via Nextdoor.co.uk

19/20.53 Public Participation Session: No members of the public were present. 

19/20.54 District and County Councillor:  Not present

19/20.55 Planning

a)    Planning Applications: 

i.    19/00362 - Agricultural Barn - Land Adjacent to Lea Cottage, High Street, SP6 2AY - Deadline for Comments 17/07/2019

After discussion, the following recommendation was RESOLVED:

5. We are happy to accept the decision reached by the National Park Authority's Officers under their delegated powers. 

The members have noted that the agricultural barn will be positioned on a flood plain and would like conditions to be put in place to ensure that it is not converted into a domestic dwelling.         

ii.    19/00490 - Application to vary conditions 4 7 5 of planning permission 17/00742 - Wild Close, Woodgreen Common Road, SP6 2QX - Deadline for Comments 24/07/2019

After discussion, the following recommendation was RESOLVED:

5. We are happy to accept the decision reached by the National Park Authority's Officers under their delegated powers. 

The following application has been received after agenda issued and an extension to the Comments Deadline has been requested:

19/00514 - Finches, Brook Lane, Woodgreen, SP6 2AZ - Partial roof alterations to facilitate the installation of a lantern roof light - Deadline for Comments 30/07/2019

b)    Tree Works Applications: 

The following application, with a deadline for comments of 26/07/2019, was forwarded after the agenda was issued:

Case Ref:


Proposed Works:

Fell 1 x Lawson Cypress Tree; Prune 1 x Strawberry Tree

Site Address:

Forest Glen, Lower Densome Wood, Woodgreen, SP6 2BE

The members are to contact tree officer should they have any concerns.

c)    Other Planning Matters: 

Decisions or no comments required - Planning: Nil received

Decisions or no comments required - Treeworks: 

TPO/19/0366 - Rest Harrow, Woodgreen Common Road, Woodgreen, SP6 2BD - Fell 7 x Western Red Cedar Trees (Considered inappropriate species), Fell 1 x Sycamore Tree (Leaning towards tennis court) - Grant

Parishioners are reminded to report any concerns in relation to breaches of planning online via the NFNPA website at http://www.newforestnpa.gov.uk/info/20041/enforcement/109/enforcement/4 or contact Clerk.

19/20.56 Roads & Ditches: Clerk read out response received following concern raised about large lorries travelling through the village. The firm in question is disappointed to have received such a letter from the parish council and has advised that the village is not used as a cut through as 23 deliveries were made to the village throughout May and June. It was also noted that one date documented was a Sunday when the firm does not operate. Clerk is to acknowledge response and advise that should the parish council have any further concerns, she will advise them accordingly.

Clerk is to contact Hampshire Highways to ascertain work undertaken on Lower Common Road following road closure and to clarify if any further work is planned.

Potholes located on High Street are to be reported by Clerk with a request to see if markers can be provided by Hampshire Highways warning drivers of damage to roads.

Parishioners are reminded to report any Highways concerns online via the Hampshire County Council (HCC) website at http://www3.hants.gov.uk/roadproblems or contact Clerk.

19/20.57 Hedges and Footpaths: EH has liaised with landowner in relation to damaged fence on Trims Drove.

LB was thanked by the members for strimming Halls Field footpath.

The fence on Pippits Hill is currently supported by the hedge and EH is to investigate accordingly.

Parishioners are reminded to report any concerns in relation to Rights of Way online via the HCC Countryside Access Team for advice.

website at https://www.hants.gov.uk/landplanningandenvironment/rightsofway/reportaproblem  or contact Clerk.

Parishioners are also reminded to report any concerns in relation to fly tipping on Forestry Commission land either by telephone 0300 0674601 or contact clerk

19/20.58 Parish Lengthsman: JS provided an update following the Parish Lengthsman’s last visit to the village on 24th June 2019. It is hoped that the lengthsman will undertake repairs to the posts on Gussage Copse on an unallocated day (29th July 2019) and the members increased a preauthorised budget to £100 for materials as 7 posts may need replacing. Members were asked to forward on any new tasks to JS for the next visit on 19th August 2019. Trims Drove is now very wet and Parish Lengthsman is to investigate. The Forestry Commission has also been contacted to see if Lengthsman can replace missing dragons teeth throughout the village.

19/20.59 Cemetery Report: Addition to existing memorial request received and approved . Fees outstanding further to Interment of Ashes to be held on 17th June 2019 and Clerk chasing accordingly.

19/20.60 Reading Room: EH gave an update, detailing progress of repairs to date. Colours for external walls and roof to match existing colours now approved. Aluminium windows to be installed. Architect’s invoice for June forwarded to Loss Adjuster. 

19/20.61 Correspondence: The Clerk presented an overview of correspondence to councillors. 

  1. 13/06/2019 - NFDC - WW1 Memorial - 28th June 2019

  2. 14/06/2019 - HALC - New Government Funding for Broadband. LB gave update and researching accordingly

  3. 14/06/2019 - NFNPA - WECASG Meeting - 20th June 2019

  4. 14/06/2019 - NFNPA - Big Green Weekend 29th - 30th June 2019

  5. 15/06/2019 - Hale and Woodgreen Horticultural Society - Ex-Playgroup Garden

  6. 17/06/2019 - HALC - June Newsletter

  7. 17/06/2019 - Job Centre - Request for link onto website

  8. 18/06/2019 - Downton Link - Minutes 13th June 2019

  9. 19/06/2019 - Cllr Allpress - Request for bench in the village

  10. 20/06/2019 - NFDC - Forward Plan

  11. 24/06/2019 - Camargue - National Grid Works on Hale Purlieu

  12. 25/06/2019 - Francis Carne Associates - Dog Fouling in Hampshire. Clerk to forward to all members as concerns of dog fouling near benches on Common increasing.  Woodgreen Parish Council would like to remind residents to clear up after their dogs and have noted the following article from NFDC:


  1. 25/06/2019 - SW Railway - Southern Western Report

  2. 26/06/2019 - Notice of Consultation on the Salisbury Central Area Framework - Deadline for Comments 9th August 2019

  3. 27/06/2019 - Wessex Cancer Trust - Starlit Trail Event - 20th September 2019

  4. 28/06/2019 - NFNPA - WECASG 20th June 2019 - Draft Minutes

  5. 28/06/2019 - Conservancy Office - Application for Consent under the Environmental Impact Assessment - New Forest Enclosures

19/20.62 Finance:

  1. Review of Balances and financial position: 

    1. Santander £70,026.85 (interest added as at 01.11.2018)    

    2. NSI £5154.77 as at 01.01.2019

    3. Lloyds - as below


Item Description



Cheque no. / Credit Slip


Lloyds Account Balance


Victoria Eden - Clerks salary and expenses June 2019







Michael Easterbrook - Cutting Edge







Do the Numbers Ltd - Internal Audit 2018-2019 fee







SSE - Electricity for the Reading Room







Woodgreen Village Hall - Rental of Hall







J McNulty - Rental of Halls Field





Zurich Municipal - Insurance payment re Reading Room





WCSA - Rent





Favionus Architects







New Dimension Builders - 1st invoice Reading Room







Woodgreen Village Hall






2. Expenditure: The following cheques were approved and signed for:

Cheque No





Victoria Eden

Clerk’s salary and expenses for July 2019 



Michael Easterbrook - Cutting Edge

Maintenance of Cemetery




Building Control Inspection Fees



T P Jones

Payroll - April - June 2019


The members also RESOLVED to preauthorise cheque up to £45 for training organised by Hale Parish Council and undertaken by John Clarke on 20th June 2019. This is to be paid when invoice received.

19/20.63 Meetings attended

JC - 20/06/2019 -  Planning training organised by Hale Parish Council

EH - Meeting with architect

JS (on behalf of NFNPA) - 14/06/2019 - Recreational Management Strategy Meeting: 18/06/2019 - Planning Committee; 20/06/2019 - WECASG Meeting (next meeting to be 12/09/2019)

It was noted that the next NW Quadrant meeting is to be on 02/09/2019 and a request was made for members to attend Woodgreen Village Hall AGM on 29th July 2019.

19/20.64 Matters to be raised on next agenda:

19/20.65 Date of Next Meeting: It was agreed for the next parish council meeting to be held on Tuesday 6th August 2019 at 7.30pm. Venue is to be confirmed.


JC closed the meeting at 9.17pm. 


Contact details: Clerk: Vicky Eden, 24 Lyster Road, Fordingbridge, SP6 1QY

Email: parish.clerk@woodgreen-pc.gov.uk Tel: 01425 655707 (normal working hours only please)


Minutes, including appendices and other documentation, can also be found on our website: www.woodgreen-pc.gov.uk


Draft minutes to be approved at next meeting