Minutes of the meeting of WOODGREEN PARISH COUNCIL Held at the Reading Room on Tuesday 7th July 2015 at 7.30 pm

Members present: Chairman Stewart Hall (SH), Ed Hollinghurst (EH), John Clarke (JC), John Sanger (JS) and Pete Skinner (PS).

Also present: Vicky Eden (Clerk), District/County Cllr. Edward Heron (arrived­­­­­­­­­­­ 8.25pm), Catherine Tattersall and Kirsten Davis (left after agenda item no. 5)

1. Apologies for Absence: 

Received and approved for Sue Allpress and Julia Wilkie.

2. Declarations of interest: 

No declarations were declared

3. Minutes of previous meetings on 02/06/2015:

It was unanimously RESOLVED that the minutes be accepted as an accurate record and were duly signed by the Chairman.

4. Matters arising from previous minutes: 

  • Electoral Review – Cllr Heron will forward his report to Clerk to circulate to all parish councillors. Consultation deadline of 3rd August 2015 noted.
  • Affordable Housing – EH to draft letter. SH and Clerk to forward to Des Swayne, MP
  • Clerk to liaise with former Clerk, Dot Wagg, re duplicate poles.

5. Public Participation: 

Following their recent email correspondence, Catherine Tattersall and Kirsten Davies discussed their plans to make the preschool environment more stimulating for the children. A short discussion covered the following matters:

  • The Council favourably considered the proposal of a slide in the bank, with sleepers being used to climb up and down. However bank must be secure, the equipment inspected regularly and correct insurance must be in place.
  • The Council favourably considered the proposal of a soil/play kitchen but again the equipment must be inspected regularly and correct insurance must be in place.
  • Concerns were raised about the proposal for a sandpit due to potential damage to the Village Hall wooden floor. This proposal would need to be approved by the Village Hall Committee prior to being presented to the Parish Council.

6. Planning Decision: 

15/00284 - Woodley, Brook Lane, SP6 2AZ - replacement dwelling; demolition of existing dwelling - granted subject to conditions.

Planning Application: 

15/00460 New Forest Close, Woodgreen Common Road, Woodgreen, SP6 2QU - Erection of replacement garden building for incidental residential uses incl. store, workshop, office, gym and WC after removal of existing storage building. The Clerk advised that the deadline for comments was not yet known but will confirm once case officer’s briefing received. This matter will be placed on the agenda for the meeting scheduled on 4th August 2015

Tree Applications:

  • CONS/15/0585 Crofters, Hale Road, SP6 2AJ. Prune 1 Cherry & 3 Apple trees
  • CONS/15/0627 Musitoni, Brook Lane Woodgreen, Fordingbridge SP6 2AZ Fell 1 cherry and prune 1 Whitebeam (this application was received after agenda sent out. Clerk contacted NPA who advised that the application related to minor treeworks)

No objections were raised to these two applications & it was RESOLVED to accept Tree Officer's decision.

7. Broadband update: 

Cllr Heron advised that an administrative error led to the Wayleave Agreement being forwarded to the wrong address and that this is now being rectified. The site has been agreed and it is anticipated that installation will occur within the current wave of work.

8. Lengthsman:

It was confirmed that the new lengthsman is to be Marcus Noke and his next scheduled visit to Woodgreen will be on 7th September 2015. JS will be meeting Marcus for an informal visit on 10th July 2015 to discuss potential tasks. Clerk is to contact Fordingbridge Town Council for details of work already undertaken in Woodgreen. SH advised that the former lengthsman, Robert Heron, had forwarded an invoice for materials (7 sleepers) at a cost of £176.40. It was RESOLVED that payment should be made.

9. Changes to Preschool Garden area:

See agenda item 5 above.

10. Correspondence: 

5/6/15: HALC - re Digital Transparency Fund. Clerk advised that this fund was in place to assist Councils to meet the requirements of the new Transparency Code (e.g. setting up of parish council websites) and was awaiting further details from HALC as to when payment would be made.

5/6/15 & 11/6/15 Fordingbridge Town Clerk informed of new Lengthsman from 1st July - Marcus Noke - and next date for Woodgreen (7th September 2015). It was confirmed that worksheet is to be sent 2 weeks before visit date.

14/6/15 & 24/6/15: Emails forwarded by Cllr. Heron & HCC re HCC spending cuts needed to manage anticipated shortfall in Government funding of around £98 million. Public consultation closed on 6th July. Information pack can be viewed at http://www3.hants.gov.uk/spendingreviewsurvey. Cllr. Heron had urged all Parish Councils to respond.

17/6/15: Fordingbridge Town Clerk re Parish Liaison Meetings (formerly police liaison) and next meeting changed from 9th to 16th July (Julia Wilkie unable to attend and PS volunteered to go in her place).

17/6/15: NFDC re safety when going on holiday - poster displayed on PC noticeboard but reminder that villagers can inform neighbourhood watch co-ordinators.

22/6/15: HALC re change of law on workplace pensions. Clerk to liaise with Pensions Regulator to ensure nominated contact in place for Woodgreen Parish Council.

23/6/15: NFNPA re changes to planning web pages. Councillors to report any concerns to NFNPA directly.

23/6/15: HCC re Salisbury to New Forest proposed cycle routes – Concerns raised relating to the volume of traffic within Woodgreen, increase in cycling events and increased signage. Chairman to respond on behalf of Council by 10th July 2015.

26/6/15: Email re changes to pre-school garden area (see agenda item 5 above)

1/7/15: New Forest District Local Plan Review Sustainability Appraisal (Deadline 3rd August 2015). Cllr Heron advised that both NFDC and NFNPA were reviewing planning policy at the present time.

3/7/15: Email re planning training within NFNPA on Tuesday 22nd September 2015. Clerk to forward email to all parish councillors and book places accordingly.

3/7/15: Consultation NFDC gambling policy (ending 18th September 2015)

6/7/15: NFALC AGM 16th July 2015

10. Roads, hedges & verges:  

All repairs to be done have been marked accordingly and Clerk is to arrange visit with Bob Brown (HCC) to see when work can start.

The hedge to be restored in Brook Lane has been reported and the Enforcement Officer is to follow up.

Horsetail is still creeping up in ditch from Breamore and Cllr Heron will contact Highways.

11. Cemetery Report:

Nothing to report at present. Feedback from seminar attendance to be carried forward to next month with Sue Allpress is present. SH is continuing mapping work at the cemetery.

12. Financial report: 

  • Income: (21st April) £7.22 interest (Santander)
  • Expenditure: the following cheques were approved and signed for:
  1. £140 (Cutting Edge - cemetery)
  2. £176.40 (Robert Heron – Supply of 7 sleepers)

13. Meetings attended: 

  • JS        New Forest Marque Meeting 08/06/2015 – Advised of new marketing and fee structure
  • Quadrant Meeting 08/06/2015
  • Leader Plus Meeting 09/06/2015 – Defra to confirm when grants can be made later in the year.
  • Planning National Park Development Control 16/06/2015
  • NPA Briefing 25/06/2015 – 2015-2020 Management Plan discussed
  • JC        Western Escarpment Conservation Area Steering Group Meeting 06/07/2015 – Site meeting          to be held with verderers in early August and overall positive in relation to verge damage
  • SH       New Forest Consultative Panel 02/07/2015 – SH to nominate re Building Design Awards (JS declared an interest as Parish Appointee to New Forest National Park Authority).

The meeting ended at 9.58pm.

Date of next meeting: Tuesday 4th August 2015 at 7.30pm

Contact details: Clerk: Vicky Eden.

Email: hello@vickyeden.co.uk

Tel: 01425 655707 (normal working hours only please).

Address: 24 Lyster Road, Fordingbridge, SP6 1QY

NB:  These are draft minutes until approved at next Woodgreen Parish Council Meeting