At the March Parish Council meeting it was agreed that we would reinstate the annual litter picking weekend which has lapsed in recent years.

Woodgreen does not have a major problem with litter because we are a caring community and there are a few unsung heroes that tidy up as and when they see the need arising. It does not go unnoticed.

The council hopes that the whole community will join in on the weekend of 16th and 17th April by making sure that their own and any neighbouring property that adjoins a public road, track or footpath is cleared of any litter and rubbish.  As there is only likely to be a small quantity close by to your own home it can be disposed of with your own household rubbish and recyclables.

However, if there are any volunteers that would like to be allocated with a less inhabited area of the parish then I would be very pleased to hear from you by phone or email so that you can join in with parish councillors who have also volunteered and to make sure everything is tidy for the summer ahead.  For those volunteers I will try and arrange to have the necessary bags, gloves and other equipment available to assist in the clean-up.

Stewart Hall

Woodgreen Parish Council

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Vicky Eden: 12th Mar 2016 13:15:00