Minutes of the meeting of WOODGREEN PARISH COUNCIL

Held at the Reading Room on Tuesday 3rd November 2015 at 7.30 pm

Members present: Chairman Stewart Hall (SH), Ed Hollinghurst (EH), Pete Skinner (PS) (left at 8.55pm), John Sanger (JS), John Clarke (JC), Sue Allpress (SA) and Julia Wilkie (JW)

Also present: Vicky Eden (Clerk) and County Councillor Edward Heron (arrived 8.38pm)

1. Apologies for Absence: 

No apologies were received.

2. Declarations of interest: 

JS for NPA Development Control Planning Committee (agenda item 7) and JW for Village Hall Management Committee in connection with grant aid request in relation to the Preschool (agenda item 6)

3. Minutes of previous meetings on 06/10/2015:

Since publication, the Clerk amended the date of the previous minutes reflected to 1st September 2015 and then it was unanimously RESOLVED that the minutes be accepted as an accurate record and were duly signed by the Chairman.

4. Matters arising from previous minutes: 

  • In relation to the gate requiring repair in Steeles Drove, EH advised that a villager who felt that access was important, particularly for emergency vehicles, had approached him. PS forwarded the telephone number of a contractor who may be able to undertake the repair and EH will source quotes accordingly.
  • In relation to the three cuts each year to the vegetation shop footpath, the Clerk advised that Cutting Edge would be happy to provide a quote although the firm would not be able to commit to the task at present due to the excessive dog fouling. After a short discussion, the Council to put up signage at both ends of the footpath informing users to pick up their own dog waste and dispose of it at home. SH will contact Hale and Woodgreen Parish Magazine to see if a notice can be published accordingly and the Clerk will contact the Dog Warden for further advice.
  • SH had liaised with Tim Orchard of Hale Parish Council and a representative of the owners in relation to parking outside Dodgson Close. The owners do not wish the dragons teeth to be moved forward and are happy for residents living opposite to park on the verge rather than the road, due to safety concerns.
  • SH advised that Woodgreen Parish Council now has a double noticeboard at village shop and the Parish Council would like to thank the shop for their cooperation and assistance.
  • JS advised that Sarah Kelly at NFNPA had forwarded an email to service providers in relation to duplicate electric poles but no response had been received as yet. Most duplicates have now been removed.
  • SH advised that he had written to Michael Hulse in relation to cutting back the hedges bordering his estate’s fields along Breamore Lane but had not yet received a response. SH will attempt to contact other landowners and report back accordingly.

5. Public Participation: No members of the public present.

6. Woodgreen Preschool: The Council had not received a formal, written request for grant monies in relation to training at the preschool, so this matter was not discussed until further details are received.

7.   Planning Applications: 

  • 15/00745, Lea Cottage, High Street, Woodgreen, SP6 2AY

After a short discussion, the following recommendation was RESOLVED:

PAR 5 - Happy to accept the decision reached by the DC Officers under their delegated powers due to the property being a listed building. The Clerk is to advise NFNPA accordingly.

  • 15/00747, Ivy Dene, High Street, Woodgreen, SP6 2AU

After a short discussion, the following recommendation was RESOLVED:

PAR 5 - Happy to accept the decision reached by the DC Officers under their delegated powers. The Clerk is to advise NFNPA accordingly.

  • 15/00624 - Walbrook, Brook Lane, Woodgreen, SP6 2AZ – The Clerk advised that this application was received on 31st October 2015 so could not be discussed. Comments are to be forwarded by                 2nd December 2015 so the application will be added to the agenda for the meeting on 1st December 2015

Planning Applications Decided:

  • 15/00606, Castle Dene, High Street. Woodgreen, SP6 2AY – Granted subject to conditions
  • 15/00665, Hollybush, Upper Densome Wood, Woodgreen, SP6 2QU – Granted subject to conditions

Tree Works Applications:

  • Acolaid Case FELL/15/1083 – North Densome, Densome Wood, Woodgreen, SP6 2QU
  • R14/15/1084 – Weyland, Brook Lane, Woodgreen, SP6 2AZ

After a short discussion it was agreed that no comments were to be forwarded in relation to this two cases.

  • CONS/15/1129; Proposed Works: Fell 5 x Cedar trees, Prune 1 x Chestnut tree; Site Address: Warren House, Woodgreen Common Road, Woodgreen, Fordingbridge, SP6 2QX The Clerk advised that this application was received on 29th October 2015 so could not be discussed but will be added to the agenda for the meeting dated 1st December 2015.

Other Planning Matters: 

  • The Clerk advised that NFNPA was aware that links do not always work on its website and are looking into the matter. NFALC are also chasing this concern.
  • SH advised that he had written to NFNPA for clarification in relation to permitted development and updated the Council with the response he had received from Liz Young. The importance of speaking to a planning officer prior to undertaking permitted development was reiterated.

8. Broadband update: 

EH provided a short report. Fencing around cabinet still has not been done but it was agreed that this matter could now be removed from the agenda. The Parish Council agreed to continue to support residents living near Warren Copse, where Superfast Broadband is still not available.

9. Lengthsman:

JS provided an update. Marcus Noke’s recent visit to the village was on 2nd November 2015 and two ditches were cleared. The Parish Council was happy with work undertaken.

10. Roads, hedges & verges:  

  • The drain jetter has not been in the village as Bob Brown at HCC advised that the vehicle had had to be repaired and, due to a shortage of funds, the tasks now being undertaken are reactive rather than proactive. JS advised that Grace Lane now appears to be clear and Clerk is to advise Bob Brown accordingly although the situation between the church and the shop needs to be monitored.
  • County Councillor Edward Heron advised that he would provide an update in relation to the issue with horsetail in the village at the next meeting.
  • It was noted that some hedges in the village had been trimmed but encouraged all home owners to keep their boundary hedges in check, particularly those next to a highway or footpath.
  • In relation to verge damage, JS advised that the verderers had met with the Forestry Commission. The two groups had looked into the concerns at Woodgreen and would forward their assessment in due course.

11. Cemetery Report: 

SH provided an updated following the meeting of the Cemetery sub committee on 27th October 2015. Several areas were highlighted:

  • Cremation area is to be marked out.
  • Rules are being breached around memorials. It was agreed that a notice is to be placed on memorials erected where the council’s approval has not been sought and is not in accordance with cemetery rules. Clerk is to action accordingly.
  • Noticeboard with contact details for visitors is needed at cemetery gate. Appropriate signage will be considered and agreed at the next meeting.
  • The members of the Cemetery sub committee will meet the vicar shortly and seek advice in relation to consecrated ground.
  • SH is continuing with the cemetery plans.
  • Cemetery rules to be reviewed and updated if necessary.
  • Michael Easterbrook at Cutting Edge is to be contacted as tasks may be increased.
  • SH is to contact Forestry Commission in relation to overhanging trees.
  • Repairs are required to seat opposite entrance and this seat will be repositioned slightly.

The Cemetery sub committee will report back at the next meeting following their meeting with the vicar.

12. Correspondence: 

The Clerk advised that relevant correspondence had been forwarded to councillors as per the correspondence files (Appendix 1) and the Chairman drew their attention to significant and more recent correspondence received as detailed below:

  • Cllr Heron provided further information in relation to the Fire Service Consultation and the Council was made aware of the potential removal of the Water Carrier from Fordingbridge Fire Station. SH advised that he would respond to the consultation on behalf of the Parish Council.
  • Cllr Heron also advised that the Library Service Consultation had begun on 2nd November 2015. Clerk to forward further details when received.

13. Financial report: 

  • Income: Nil received since previous meeting
  • Expenditure: The following cheques were approved and signed for:

Cutting Edge – Grass cutting at cemetery - £140 (October 2015)

HALC – Pensions Workshop Training - £30 (£25 + VAT)

  • Workplace Pension Training: The Clerk provided an update following her training on 21st October 2015. She explained that she would be categorised as an ‘Entitled Worker’ due to her current salary and this means that the Council would need to offer a pension scheme should she ask to join one to make contributions. The Council would not be required to contribute to such a scheme. The staging date for Woodgreen Parish Council is November 2016 and the Clerk will forward all updates from The Pension Regulator when they are received.
  • Budgetary Documentation – This is presently being prepared and will be discussed at the next meeting.

14. Meetings attended:  

JS        20th October 2015 - Planning Development Control Committee

            26th October 2015 - Heritage Lottery Fund Meeting

            28th October 2015 - New Forest Marque Meeting

15. Matters to be raised on the next agenda:

  • Budget documentation
  • IT strategy and storage of data
  • Cemetery Update
  • Decoration of Christmas Tree in church

The meeting ended at 9.20pm.                                                                                                                             

Date of next meeting: Tuesday 1st December 2015 at 7.30pm

Contact details: Clerk: Vicky Eden,

Email: hello@vickyeden.co.uk Tel: 01425 655707 (normal working hours only please)

Minutes can also be found on our website: www.woodgreen-pc.gov.uk


NB:       These are draft minutes until approved at next Woodgreen Parish Council Meeting. 

Appendix 1 is to be reflected on the website. 


Appendix 1 - Correspondence 07/10/2015 - 03/11/2015


Date Received

Delivery Method

Received From


Meeting date / Deadline / Consultation Period



Hampshire County Council

Small Grants Scheme Countryside Access – DEADLINE APPROACHING





Agenda and Papers - NALC AGM - 28 October 2015 - Birmingham




Woodgreen Preschool

Grant Enquiry




Fordingbridge Town Council

Cancellation of Parish Liaison Meeting on 15/10/2015



Royal Mail

Hampshire County Council

Info re admissions to school - September 2016

To be given to village shop


Royal Mail

Verderers of the New Forest

Notice of Election - Verderers of the New Forest



Royal Mail

The Pensions Regulator

Update - Note Staging Date is November 2016





Agenda for the NW Quadrant Meeting 26 October 2015





Western Escarpment Conservation Area Steering Group Meeting




County Cllr Edward Heron

Hampshire County Council - Fire Service Consultation

4th December 2015



The Conservation Volunteers

TCV support for local councils




Tree Works, NFNPA

Applications decided between 14/10/15 - 20/10/15 - CONS/15/0915 Brook Cottage, Brook Lane (Raise no objections); CONS/15/0949 Belvedere, High Street (Raise no objections); CONS/15/1013 Lea Cottage, High Street (Exempt Works)



Royal Mail


Parklife Newspaper - Autumn/Winter

Delivered to village shop



Hampshire County Council

Draft Walking Strategy Consultation

7th December 2015



Craig Daters, NFNPA

Fordingbridge Health Walks




Tree Works, NFNPA

Case Ref: CONS/15/1129; Proposed Works: Fell 5 x Cedar trees, Prune 1 x Chestnut tree; Site Address: Warren House, Woodgreen Common Road, Woodgreen, Fordingbridge, SP6 2QX

23rd November 2015




Treeworks applications decided between 01/10/15 - 31/10/15 - CONS/15/097 Brook Cottage, Brook Lane (Exempt Works); CONS/15/0987 Westerly, 7 Densome Wood (Granted); Enforcement Parish List - QU/15/0146 Castle Cottage, Castle Hill - Further investigation being conducted; Walbrook, Brook Lane - Retrospective application received




Hampshire Alert

Burglary To Barn - Woodgreen Common Road, Woodgreen - Overnight 31st October to 1st November 2015 a barn was broken into and equestrian equipment and tack was stolen - Incident reference 44150379549.





Acolaid Case QU/15/0127 - Walbrook, Brook Lane

2nd December 2015