Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of WOODGREEN PARISH COUNCIL Held in the Committee Room at Woodgreen Village Hall on Tuesday 3rd September 2019 at 7.30pm

Members present: Chairman John Clarke (JC), Lance Benest (LB), Sue Allpress (SA),  John Sanger (JS), Pete Skinner (PS) (leaving at 9.07pm during 19/20.97), Stewart Hall (SH) (leaving at 8.46pm after 19/20.92) and Ed Hollinghurst (EH).

Also present: Vicky Eden (Clerk) and Cty Cllr Edward Heron (arriving at 7.55pm, 19/20.91 a and leaving at 8.34pm after 19/20.92)


19/20.85 Attendance Book and Apologies for absence: The Attendance book was completed accordingly.

19/20.86 Declarations of interest: JS for NPA Planning Committee.

19/20.87 Minutes of previous meeting on 06/08/2019: Following a review of the minutes, amendments were made to reflect that concerns in relation to the potholes on High Street had been raised; a Hale resident had reported a parking concern and that PS and EH are looking into the concern that the fence on Pippits Hill is currently supported by the hedge. It was then unanimously RESOLVED that the minutes be accepted as an accurate record and were duly signed by the Chairman.

19/20.88 Matters arising from previous minutes not appearing as agenda items: 

  1. Dog Fouling - LB gave an update. He will ask the Forestry Commission to forward a minimum of six laminated posters which can then be displayed on the Common, checking to see whether the Parish Council or Forestry Commission should put these posters up. Residents are reminded that dog fouling can be reported via the following link:


  1. Parking Concerns - SA advised that she had been unable to attend the Beat Surgery in Woodgreen Village Shop as it had been cancelled but will report concerns at the next event.

19/20.89 Public Participation Session: No members of the public were present. 

19/20.90 District and County Councillor:  This matter was moved to later in the meeting when the county councillor was present.

19/20.91 Planning

a)    Planning Applications: 

i.    19/00608 - Long Orchard, Woodgreen Common Road, Woodgreen, SP6 2BQ - Conservatory (demolition of existing)

After discussion, the following recommendation was RESOLVED:

5. We are happy to accept the decision reached by the National Park Authority's Officers under their delegated powers.

The Clerk was asked to advise the planning officer that concerns were raised about the 30% rule would be exceeded as it would appear that the property has been extended considerably at some stage and to ensure that light pollution concerns are addressed (planning policy SP15)

ii.    19/00657 - Wild Close, Woodgreen Common Road, Woodgreen, SP6 2QX - Conservatory

After discussion, the following recommendation was RESOLVED:

5. We are happy to accept the decision reached by the National Park Authority's Officers under their delegated powers.

The Clerk was asked to draw to the planning officer’s attention the risk of light pollution, particularly on the canopy of trees above (planning policy SP15). This is of particular concern for this property given its proximity to open Forest

b)    Tree Works Applications: The following applications were received after the agenda was issued:

i.    TPO/19/0553 - North Densome, Densome Wood, Woodgreen, SP6 2QU -  Coppice 1 x group of 2 Sweet Chestnut trees; Fell 1 x Silver Birch tree; Prune 1 x group of Yew trees; Prune 2 x Sweet Chestnut trees; Re-coppice 1 x group of 2 English Oak trees and Holly; Prune 1 x Silver Birch; Prune 1 x English Oak; Coppice 1 x Goat Willow tree; Coppice 1 x group of Ash trees; Prune 1 x Cherry tree; Fell 1 x group of Ash, Birch, Beech stem, Portuguese Laurel and Norway Maple trees - Deadline for comments 26/09/2019

The members agreed that they would be happy to leave decision to tree officer for this application, providing a tree management plan is in place and would contact NFNPA should they have any further concerns

ii.    CONS/19/0556 - Oldings Cottage, Woodgreen Common Road, Woodgreen, SP6 2BD - Prune 1 x Yew tree - Deadline for comments 30/09/2019

It was noted that this is an application for rolling permission and members agreed that they would be happy to leave decision to tree officer.

c)    Other Planning Matters: 

Decisions or no comments required - Planning: 

  • 19/00490/VAR - Wild Close, Woodgreen Common Road, Woodgreen, SP6 2QX - Application to vary conditions 4 & 5 of planning permission 17/00742 outbuilding (demolition of 2 no. existing outbuildings) to allow minor material amendment - Grant subject to conditions

  • 19/00514/FULL - Finches, Brook Lane, SP6 2AZ - Partial roof alterations to facilitate the installation of a lantern roof light - Grant subject to conditions

Decisions or no comments required - Treeworks: 

  • TPO/19/0431 -  Forest Glen, Lower Densome Wood, Woodgreen, SP6 2BE - Raise no objections

Parishioners are reminded to report any concerns in relation to breaches of planning online via the NFNPA website at http://www.newforestnpa.gov.uk/info/20041/enforcement/109/enforcement/4 or contact Clerk.


19/20.92 District and County Councillor:  Cty Cllr Heron gave an update following correspondence issued on the future of the Parish Lengthsman Scheme. The restraints on the County Council’s budget were reiterated to the members and it was advised that the Parish Lengthsman may be taken out of the budget as a discretionary item or that the County Council may ask participating parishes to fund or put additional money in (i.e. match funding). The members reiterated that the current scheme is much valued and Cty Cllr Heron is to resend pack in relation to current Parish Lengthsman scheme to the Clerk for the members further consideration.

Members raised concerns in relation to the repair of potholes in the village and SA is to forward reporting reference in relation to the potholes on High Street to the Cty Cllr. The Clerk was asked to highlight dangerous potholes to Hampshire County Council (HCC) although it was stressed that it may not always be clear to someone who is not a Highways engineer which potholes are dangerous and which are not. The members were told to forward any responses that they did not agree with, to the Cty Cllr. There are also still problems with the online reporting system but progress is being made. Communication in relation to recent repairs in the village was also noted as poor. The proposed repairs by the Mill on the road to Breamore were also addressed and Cty Cllr Heron advised that discussions in relation to this matter are ongoing

19/20.93 Roads & Ditches

  1. LB advised of two future cycle events (6th and 14th September 2019), details of which will be notified on Nextdoor.co.uk

  2. Road closure on Hale Road Woodgreen commenced on 27th August 2019 during daytime and not 22nd August 2019 as advertised

  3. Clerk ascertained that duct blockage clearance works were undertaken by Hampshire Highways on Lower Common Road

  4. Drain collapse on Castle Hill reported but no maintenance work required as it does not present a hazard to highway users

  5. Two dragons teeth have been replaced in the village but it is not known where replacements have been installed near Steels Drove.

Parishioners are reminded to report any Highways concerns online via the Hampshire County Council (HCC) website at http://www3.hants.gov.uk/roadproblems or contact Clerk.

19/20.94 Hedges and Footpaths: 

  1. The fence on Pippits Hill, currently supported by the hedge, is currently being monitored. Parishioners are reminded to report any concerns in relation to Rights of Way online via the HCC website at https://www.hants.gov.uk/landplanningandenvironment/rightsofway/reportaproblem  or contact Clerk.

Parishioners are also reminded to report any concerns in relation to fly tipping on Forestry Commission land either by telephone 0300 0674601 or contact clerk

19/20.95 Parish Lengthsman: JS gave an update following visit on 19th August 2019. Next visit on 25th October 2019

19/20.96 Cemetery Report: Interment of ashes took place on 28th August 2019. It was noted that there was an overpayment of fees by the undertaken. Cemetery audit to commence following training to be undertaken on 5th September 2019

19/20.97 Reading Room: EH gave an update. It is hoped that scaffolding will be taken down by Monday 9th September 2019 with windows now installed and interior also almost completed. Following a discussion on costs, it was reiterated that the solicitor employed by the parish council will endeavour to recoup uninsured costs from drivers insurer. The following actions were agreed by members present:

  1. Replacement door to be replica of previous one

  2. It is hoped that the exterior LED light can be in keeping with building and have a timer to enable members and visitors to leave the premises safely in the evenings

  3. The interior LED tube lights to be akin to previous ones and be suitable for desk work

  4. No built in cupboards required

  5. Meters to be boxed in 

  6. JC and EH to source carpet tiles with local contractors (required as soft wood used as repairs were done like for like), with parish council to pay costs and reclaim back

It was noted that an inspection will take place following completion.

19/20.98 Correspondence: The Clerk presented an overview of correspondence to councillors. 

  1. 07/08/2019 - Hampshire Police - Social Media Engagement

  2. 08/08/2019 - Zurich Insurance - Making Risk Management Simple

  3. 09/08/2019 - NFALC - New Forest 100 Cycling Sportive - Saturday 14th September

  4. 09/08/2019 - NF Citizens Advice - New Forest Survey into Post Office Closures -Deadline for comments 31/08/2019

  5. 12/08/2019 - Woodgreen Resident - Concern in relation to burning of grass cuttings. This matter was not discussed as the parish council maintains a policy not to respond to anonymous letters.

  6. 15/08/2019 - Pride in Salisbury -  Pride in Salisbury 13th June 2020

  7. 16/08/2019 - Pensions Regulator - Take action now: workplace pensions re-enrolment - Re-declaration deadline: 31 March 2020

  8. 17/08/2019 - Scope - New locations for textile recycling banks

  9. 19/08/2019 - NFNPA - New Forest Walking Festival, 12/10/2019 to 03/11/2019

  10. 28/08/2019 - NFDC - Chairman's Charity Dinner Dance - 19 October 2019

  11. 01/09/2019 - Ringwood and Fordingbridge Footpath Society - Waymark 09/19

  12. 02/09/2019 - Register Office Near woodgreen-pc.gov.uk - Request to add link

  13. 03/09/2019 - NFDC - New council housing

  14. 03/09/2019 - HALC - HALC Newsletter - September 2019 Edition. Clerk advised that details of funding highlighted in this edition together with information on the new Local Government Audit Consultation

  15. 03/09/2019 - NFDC - Forward Plan

19/20.99 Finance:

  1. Review of Balances and financial position: 

    1. Santander £70,026.85 (interest added as at 01.11.2018)    

    2. NSI £5154.77 as at 01.01.2019

    3. Lloyds - as below


Item Description



Cheque no. / Credit Slip


Lloyds Account Balance


Victoria Eden - Clerks salary and expenses July 2019







Michael Easterbrook - Cutting Edge







Andrew Waring Associates







Hale Parish Council - Training costs







HALC - Training costs







Cemetery Fees - C1 - JP





The Clerk confirmed during the meeting that the VAT reclaim form for 2018-2019 had been forwarded.

4. Expenditure: The following cheques were approved and signed for:


Cheque No





Victoria Eden

Clerk’s salary and expenses for September 2019 



Michael Easterbrook - Cutting Edge

Maintenance of Cemetery



I N Newman




Woodgreen Village Hall

Rental costs - July, August and September 2019



Sue Allpress

Website Hosting




Cemetery Training



19/20.100 Meetings attended

  • LB - 02/09/2019 - NW Quadrant Meeting

  • JS (on behalf of NFNPA) - 14/08/2019 - NF Marque; 20/08/2019 - Planning; 29/09/2019 - Local Plan; 03/09/2019 - NPA Partnership

Reminders were given in relation to the WECASG Meeting on 12/09/2019 and the Planning training organised by NFNPA on 04/09/2019. Clerk to ascertain the date of the new NF Consultative Panel meeting

19/20.101 Matters to be raised on next agenda: Financial Regulations/Banking Arrangements; Cemetery Training and Audit; Appraisal; ICO renewal; advice re bonfires and hedge cutting notices.

19/20.102 Date of Next Meeting: It was agreed for the next parish council meeting to be held on Tuesday 1st October 2019 at 7.30pm. Venue is to be confirmed.


JC closed the meeting at 9.36pm. 


Contact details: Clerk: Vicky Eden, 24 Lyster Road, Fordingbridge, SP6 1QY

Email: parish.clerk@woodgreen-pc.gov.uk Tel: 01425 655707 (normal working hours only please)


Minutes, including appendices and other documentation, can also be found on our website: www.woodgreen-pc.gov.uk

These are draft minutes until approved at the next meeting