Your Councillors

John Clarke (Chairman)

I have lived in the village for more than 22 years. I am married to Linda, we have 2 children and 2 grandchildren. I have had a varied career having spent more than 20 years in electrical engineering in the City of London; we then bought and ran a successful hotel in Bournemouth for some years, after which we had a French restaurant and bar in Salisbury before retiring.
Tel: 01725 512328

Planning & New Forest Consultative Panel
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John Sanger

I have lived in Woodgreen since 1982, and my three children were educated in local Forest schools.

I have considerable experience representing the parish viewpoint and negotiating with local authorities, winning recognition for the parish voice to be heard on issues such as planning, housing, transport and tourism.

I am an Employment Tribunal Member in Southampton; a member of the Sustainable Development Fund grants panel and the NPA’s Equality and Diversity Champion. I have been a New Forest cricketer for over 30 years and have enjoyed visiting New Forest pubs for 40 years.

Red Cottage, SP6 2BQ

Tel: 01725 512033

Police Liaison and Cemetery.
National Park representative
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Lance Benest (Vice Chairman)

“I moved to Woodgreen from Bournemouth in 2015 and was amazed by the sense of community that existed in this small village. In order to find out more about village life and help support the local community I joined the Parish Council a few years later. Since retiring, I’ve also become a keen cyclist and enjoy finding new routes in and around the New Forest. I am also a keen walker and when not out on my bike or out for a hike can be found in the gym.”
Tel. 01725 511639

Planning, IT, Parish Lengthsman, NW Quadrant Meeting & New Forest Consultative Panel
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Stewart Hall

“I was born in Breamore but gained a passport into Woodgreen in 1988, after several years away. My interests include most genres of music, sport and country life generally. I feel fortunate to live here as it’s a friendly village with a good mix of people who really care for their community.”
Tel: 01725 512315

Finance, Cemetery, Tree Applications & Dodington Trust
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Ed Hollinghurst

After qualifying as a chartered Civil , Structural and Highways Engineer and working on various projects worldwide, I decided to settle near my parents in Hale, so in 1973 bought the house in Woodgreen as my base and home.  It is where my wife Helen and I still live, and where we brought up our three daughters
Tel: 01725 512332

Planning, Tree Applications and Hedges, Western Escarpment Conservation Area Steering Group & Footpaths
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Pete Skinner

“I was born in Woodgreen in a tied cottage belonging to Hale Nurseries where my dad worked as a stoker.  We moved to the newly built council houses in 1959 and stayed there until I moved to Avondale opposite the old Methodist Chapel.  Then in 1978 I moved to my present address – Chestnut Cottage.

Educated at Breamore and Burgate I complete in sports ranging from darts to Motorcycling!

At the age of 10, I worked in the Woodgreen shop, the Butchers shop and then to the village cabinet maker. After leaving school I trained as a motor mechanic and in 1972 started my own garage business which I ran until I retired in 2018.

I am passionate about the village and over the years I have been associated with many events and organisations including the Parish Council, Village shop, pubs, Woodgreen Cricket Club, Hale School Governances and Woodfalls Quiz league.”
Tel: 01725 511543

Maintenance of Council Property and Downton Link
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Helena Datta

I have lived in the New forest for 25 years and moved to Woodgreen with my family in 2006.

I worked in fostering and adoption services for both local authorities, court services and Charities and have run my own care business.  I am now retired and have a keen interest in wildlife, conservation  and protecting the environment.

Cemetery, Roads and Western Escarpment Conservation Area Steering Group

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Amanda Johnson (Clerk)

Address: C/O Woodgreen Village Shop, Hale Road, Woodgreen, SP6 2AJ
Tel: 07553 728121 / 01725 511636